Confidence book review: Funny but not short on thrills

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The book begins with Anna and Fin on a gruesome holiday with their exes and children – the first of many hilarious set pieces. Unable to endure it, the pair vamoose, and start poking their noses into the disappearance of a young woman involved in the discovery of a long-lost ancient artefact – a sealed casket that may contain proof of Christ’s resurrection.

As Anna and Fin hare up and down Europe entangling themselves in conspiracies and coincidences, this romp unfolds as a glorious spoof of The Da Vinci Code.

But, although there’s a laugh on nearly every page, it’s not short on thrills – and it makes serious points about religious faith, and the current trade in artefacts that is seeing much of our common heritage disappear into the vaults of the super-rich.

Confidence Denise Mina, Harvill Secker, £14.99

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