Twitter Is Absolutely Pissed About the ‘Hunger Games’ Prequel and It Hasn’t Even Come Out

Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games prequel is not even out yet, and fans are already calling for a rewrite. Twitter erupted when an exclusive excerpt revealed that The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes will focus on a young Coriolanus Snow, aka the fascist villain of the series, and it casts him as a charming hero. Gross! The votes are in on social media: There are so many other characters that Hunger Games fans would rather learn more about than a hot young President Snow.

In the book excerpt, young Snow is assigned to mentor the female tribute from District 12. Sound familiar? Is this supposed to deepen or reveal a hidden meaning behind his obsession with Katniss in the original trilogy? I’m pretty sure I got it the first time around. He was a dictator, she was a rebel…can I make it any more obvious? Please, please tell me Snow didn’t have an unrequited crush on this D12 tribute back in the day. I truly couldn’t handle it if another villain origin story boiled down to some girl rejecting some guy, causing him to go nuts—I’m scared enough of men who do this IRL.

Here’s how Hunger Games fans reacted. Spoiler alert: They’re pissed, and rightfully so.

you mean …. to tell me …. I’ve waited years and preordered the hunger games sequel …. thinking it was abt mags … for it to be a president snow origin story … about a rich white boy becoming an authortarian who loves *checks notes* genocide?

you’re telling me I waited YEARS for a new hunger games book just for it to be a president snow origin story

everyone being so hypеd for the new hunger games book just to find out it’s about president snow…… i gtg

Of all the characters in The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins decided to humanize President Snow. Like we need another story about some tortured white boy. I hate it here.

Basically, it feels like we all got played. We knew the prequel was going to be set 64 years before Katniss volunteered as tribute…but for some reason, I assumed it would be about entirely new characters, not an attempt to humanize the bad guy.

As for who fans think Collins should write a prequel about instead of President Snow, there’s one character who Twitter almost unanimously decided should have been the protagonist. I’m honestly thrilled that they all found each other in light of this disappointing news.

girl we just wanna know more about finnick

suzanne collins literally had a whole ass opportunity to deliver a series based on finnick’s upbringing and expand more on his love with annie but instead she settled on a president snow apologist redemption arc,,, how Unfortunate

how can you write a Hunger Games prequel about young President Snow in the year of our lord 2020 when Finnick and Annie’s early love story is RIGHT THERE

Like, hello?! Just give us a Finnick and Annie prequel, please! The fan favorites have so much untold history. Plus, if the Hunger Games prequel has to have a male protagonist, can’t it be somebody actually attractive and actually charming…who we actually like?

Seriously, there are so many other options. Another popular choice, on Twitter at least, is Haymitch. That grumpy drunk definitely has a story to tell. Guess we’ll just never know!

the sheer nerve of the hunger games prequel being about president snow when haymitch was RIGHT THERE … disappointed but not surprised

the new hunger games prequel is about president snow but I’m still continuing my campaign for johanna mason’s origin story

Characters from the hunger games I’d rather read a prequel about over president snow:
-Katniss’s Dad
-Caesar Flickerman
-President Coin
-Tribute Boy From District 6
-A turkey Gale shot

While one of my hot takes is that The Hunger Games movies are not-so-secretly better than the books, I do actually trust Collins in the long run. There’s hope yet for this prequel. It’s entirely possible that The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes will end up being some brilliant takedown of privilege and toxic masculinity and not the next Joker.

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