1 Million Workers Getting Time to Vote Thanks to Company Pledges

Nearly 900 companies are giving employees paid time off to vote this year, making it much easier for 1 million Americans to cast their ballots … TMZ has learned.

If you haven’t noticed, the push for voter turnout has been a big deal for the 2020 election, and ElectionDay.org is one of the groups at the forefront of that effort. Since 2018, its been hitting up companies, trying to get them to pledge paid voting time for workers.

The org says the goal is not making people choose between their Constitutional right (if not, duty) and their paycheck.

They accomplished that mission at 890 businesses and institutions, which signed up to make voter’s leave part of their company policies. We’re told that’s a huge jump from 150 companies 2 years ago when the program launched.

Though the time off varies — some companies give employees the whole day while others provide a 3 or 4-hour break — the list includes names like Airbnb, T-Mobile, Shake Shack, Ford, Sony, Twitter, and Hollywood talent agencies CAA and UTA.

ElectionDay.org — which is run by Vote.org — says its efforts will help an estimated 1 million people vote this year.

Andrea Hailey, CEO of Vote.org, tells TMZ she hopes companies will be as accommodating as possible to its workers due to the “unique challenges facing  voters this election cycle.” She adds that the best policy … is to provide as much time to vote as needed.

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