10 Celebrity Couples Caught on Camera Fighting in Public

Some couples are snapped having a heated argument in public, as one of them even goes physical as a picture that circulates online sees a star allegedly getting choked by her partner.

AceShowbiz -Celebrity couples are like any other couples who have ups and downs in their relationship. Not often they would bicker on social media for everyone to see. In worst case, their fights were captured by paparazzi’s camera.

Some couples were snapped having a heated argument in public, seemongly too emotional to keep their drama from public’s eyes. Some others were even photographed breaking down in tears during a fight with their partners. One of them even went physical as it saw a star allegedly getting choked by her partner.

See which celebrity couples who were caught having a dramatic fight in public.

1. Sean Stewart and Adrienne Maloof Caught Fighting on Red Carpet

Sean Stewart and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum were supposed to put on a lovey-dovey appearance at a charity event in September 2013. However, the then-couple showed the ugly side of their relationship in front of public instead.

According to TMZ, the couple was seen having a heated argument on the red carpet. Things seemingly didn’t end well as the TV personality was spotted at another event a couple of hours later with another man on her arm.

2. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Arguing at Legoland

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie once were spotted having an argument at a park during a family outing. The former “it” couple, who is now battling against each other for custody of their child amid divorce, was snapped fighting at Legoland in Windsor with Angelina shouting in the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” actor’s face.

It was said at the time that the argument took place when they just came off a ride. The person who took the picture of the then-power couple also mentioned that they were still arguing when they met the couple some time later.

3. Karolyn Pho Cries During Shia LaBeouf Fight

Karolyn Pho didn’t seem to be thrilled with the fact that her actor boyfriend Shia LaBeouf had an intimate scene with his co-star in a movie. That allegedly led the pair to have a tearful fight by the road back in 2012.

In response to the speculations, the custome designer told New York Daily News that it was “none of anybody’s business.” She also added in the statement that she and the “Transformers” actor were both “normal people who have normal lives.”

4. Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence’s Dinner Turns Disastrous

Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence found love when they co-starred in “X-Men” movie series, in which she played Mystique and Nicholas portrayed Beast. The pair, who split in 2014 after dating for nearly five years, were sweet but they were once spotted having a rough moment during a dinner.

According to reports, the former couple was at a restaurant together when they started arguing. Witnesses claimed that the actress was upset about something and even threw her hands into the air. Nicholas seemingly also grew frustrated as he started shouting. Jennifer apparently had enough with him as he stormed off the restaurant.

5. Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper Fight at Wimbledon

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were at the Men’s Final at Wimbledon in 2016 when the then-couple fell out. Us Weekly reported that the “A Star Is Born” actor leaned over to whisper something into Irina’s ear. While it’s unknown what he told her, it must not be a good thing because Irina started crying a moment later.

She also spent the rest of the match looking away from Bradley who was focused on the game. Some insiders revealed to TMZ that the model was actually battling allergies at the time instead of fighting with her partner.

6. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s Car Fight

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck got caught having an emotional moment inside a car prior to their divorce. Back in 2016, the pair were snapped inside their SUV after dropping their three children at school when things got heated.

Judging by the picture that circulated online, Jennifer was seen frustrated as she made hand gestures throughout the argument. At one point, she could be seen breaking down in tears inside the vehicle.

7. Rihanna Snapped at Hassan Jameel During Mexican Getaway

Rihanna and Hassan Jameel were supposed to be using their vacay in Mexico to get relaxed. However, the fun-filled getaway in 2018 turned south as the pair got involved in a rather huge fight while lounging on chair under the scorching sun.

In the picture that hit the web, Rihanna was seen to be in control of the situation. She pointed her finger at her then-boyfriend who looked calm despite the heated situation. While she didn’t disclose the cause of the fight, the “Diamond” hitmaker appeared to laugh off the paparazzi picture by sharing on her Instagram account a picture of a female lion roaring at a timid male lion.

8. Jake Roche and Jesy Nelson’s Huge Fight at Little Mix’s Album Release Party

Jesy Nelson and her then-fiance Jake Roche arrived together at the album release party for Little Mix‘s “Get Weird” album. They were supposed to be in celebratory spirit for the event, but things took a turn of event as it ended up with Jesy crying.

It was said that the pair were caught on camera having a huge fight before Jake stormed out. As for Jesy, she broke down in tears, ruining her makeup that ran down her face. While it remains to be seen what caused the fight at the time, the couple later announced their split as Jake wasn’t ready to have a child.

9. Nigella Lawson Got Choked by Charles Saatchi During Public Fight

One of the most shocking celebrity couple’s public fights was between Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi. Not only they were snapped having a violent argument, the celebrity chef was seen getting choked by her then-husband during a dinner back in 2013. It was said that Nigella left the restaurant in tears.

The physical altercation allegedly was the one that drove Nigella to move out of their home. Meanwhile, Charles denied that he choked his then-wife, telling The Evening Standard that there “was no grip” and it was nothing but “a playful tiff.” He also said that Nigella cried because neither of them like arguing. Despite his clarification, he was charged for his behavior.

10. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s Trouble in Paradise at Airport

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber on-and-off relationship was definitely not free from arguments and some of them were caught on camera. Among the then-couple’s public spats that was captured on camera was when they were snapped fighting in their van at an airport.

Things didn’t end well as the “Lose You to Love Me” hitmaker was seen storming out of the car to walk to the airport by herself. Not stopping there, the former Disney darling expressed her frustration by throwing her purse on the floor. As for Justin, who is now married to model Hailey Baldwin, he stayed inside the van for a while before he eventually decided to catch his girlfriend.

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