50 Cent Says Bow Wow Owes Him Money After He Took Money Meant For Hard-Working Strippers

50 Cent is really beating this whole debt collector side-hustle to death. He has come for his co-producer on Power Randall Emmett, he’s come for his bro from G-Unit, Tony Yayo–and those were just the ones I told you about. By the end of May the the list was growing fast. I’m not sure how it’s working out for the rest of the people 50 has come after, but he at least got his money from Mr. Randall who was, I guess, the most scared of 50’s wrath? Teairra Mari ain’t scurred… but she also did have to pay him. So one way or another, it seems 50 gets his. And now he’s coming after poor Lil Bow Wow. It seems Bow Wow went a little heavy with the ones at a strip club party funded by 50 and now 50 is collecting the tab.

XXL Mag reports that 50 Cent threw a party in Atlanta over the weekend. Because 50 wanted to live up to the rap stereotype to prove 2017 Miley Cyrus correct, he brought a bunch of his hip-hop friends to a strip club. This was no ordinary strip club visit that ends in Cardi B beating some girl to death with a plastic platform with a live fish inside of it–this was a partay. 50 had huge amounts of dollar bills on hand for his guests to rain down upon the hard-working strippers making their next 10 months of rent plus bag allowance plus savings plus some walking around money. The thing is: now 50 is claiming that money wasn’t for just giving away for fun–you gotta pay it back.

First, Lil Duval was stirring the pot on Instagram. He posted about how he was the only person who didn’t use 50’s money at the party–and he called out Bow Wow specifically for using so much of it:



He means Trey Songz and Fabolous, I’m guessing? Add em to the list! 50 Cent got more people on the hook than the National Student Loan System.

Bow Wow replied but then deleted this:

“Don’t watch my pockets, I watch me… Matter of fact, I’mma charge your ass for helping your big headed, little body ass up on that bar last night. I’mma charge you. You see, ain’t nobody pick your little ass up. I picked your little ass up and put you on the bar next to all of us. That’s about $1000 right there. Courtesy fee.”

Oh yes, Bow Wow is very rich. So rich he gives money away to people during temper tantrums on social media. Well, get your Venmo accounts ready, it looks like ones on the horizon!

50 Cent gave Bow Wow the FULL Randall Emmett and his roasts are still up on 50’s Instagram account. Among them is a video from Bow Wow’s Insta-story where he seems to have taken home the money from the strip club:







The last video is a repost of Bow Wow’s in which he pays 50 back for the money. Allegedly. We’ll see if it’s all there after 50 counts it. But don’t be surprised if we hear that this money was also “borrowed” from someone else. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Bow Wow isn’t the high-roller he pretends to be.

Pic: Instagram

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