‘A crying mess’ Springwatch’s Lucy Hodson, 30, left terrified as sick pervert flashes her

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Springwatch star Lucy Hodson has shared her story after a sick flasher exposed himself to her while she was walking along a riverbank. The 30-year-old said she was “shocked and terrified”, and the incident made her much more fearful of being outdoors alone. 

Lucy said she was birdwatching in Staffordshire last year, when she spotted a man nearby exposing himself and filming her.

She added that she alerted people nearby, and called the police. 

“I was shocked and terrified. I always thought I’d cope in that scenario, but I just froze,” she said. 

“Mostly because he was filming me. All I could think was that my video was going to end up on some weird forum.

“But I berated myself afterwards for not calling him out,” she added to The Sun.

Realising a woman and a little girl were headed towards the man, Lucy warned them to go a different way. 

She added that her description of a “white man in his 30s or 40s in dark clothes” was not much for the police to work with. 

Lucy has since used her Radio 4 show, Clipped Wings, to advocate for a safer countryside for women. 

Pointing out that flashing is sexual assault, the star explained that while she was not physically hurt, she had been affected mentally. 

Now, Lucy tends to panic when she runs into men while on her own outside. 

She recounted a recent incident when she was left terrified after seeing a lone male on the footpath in front of her – before realising it was her colleague’s husband.

By that point, Lucy was already a “crying mess”.

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Admitting she is “still shaken”, Lucy has vowed to not let the horror experience stop her from enjoying time outdoors, as it’s her passion. 

However, she is “constantly assessing that risk”, unable to ever let her guard down for fear she will be attacked – and she carries defence spray with her at all times. 

Express.co.uk has contacted Lucy for further comment. 

Self-confessed “nature nerd” Lucy regularly takes to her Instagram account to post stunning photos of the countryside, from plants and flowers to butterflies and birds. 

After concluding her filming for BBC’s Springwatch, she revealed it was “mind-boggling” to have appeared on a show she has always loved so much. 

“SPRINGWAAAATCH…  You have broken me in the best way. I’m dusty, I’m achy, I have more bramble scratches than a brown hare’s bum, and I’ve generously donated about a billion gallons of blood to Norfolk’s midge and mosquito population,” Lucy wrote. 

“Still mind boggling that I get to work on the show I’ve idolised since being a teen, it’s bizarre and brilliant! Now… SLEEP,” she added. 

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