A Place In The Sun newcomer unveils links to Lionel Richie and George Michael

Leah Charles-King reveals ‘change of plans’ during filming

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Leah Charles King has revealed exclusively to Express.co.uk that she had a singing career prior to her impressive 22 years presenting. Before her TV career, Leah was in a girl band for ten years named Cliche.

We were a good band with good vocals.

Leah Charles King

Leah said: “Before TV I was in a girl band for 10 years with my cousins.

“We were in a group called Cliche and we thought it was cool as then of course in the 90s you spelt your name differently.

“We were a good band with good vocals, so we had a couple of songs in the charts.”

Leah then revealed her success in the band, having toured with a very famous individual.

She continued: “We toured with Lionel Richie and collabed with lots of other people.”

When the group ended, Leah carried on singing and did backing vocals before she started her TV career.

Leah continued: “In between that I did backing vocals for George Michael, Lighthouse Family and more.

“So, I was earning my keep during that.”

Leah explained that the move to TV was not smooth, with her being severely depressed after the end of her singing career.

She explained: “I was actually severely depressed after that as I didn’t quite know where to go.

“TV, being a presenter wasn’t a thing in the late 90s.

“So when I saw the presenters and we would go on MTV and we would be interviewed by Richard Blackwood and the big presenters of that era I would be like I really like their job, it’s really really cool!”

Leah continued: “I didn’t even know what depression was because we didn’t talk about it back then.

“I was lost and heartbroken to be honest with you.

“That was my first real heartbreak, my music career ending. It wasn’t a boy.”

Leah has been very open about her mental health struggles, being an ambassador for Bipolar UK.

Leah has filmed around eight episodes of the show so far, and can’t wait for fans to see her.

Other presenters on the show include Jasmine Harman, Jonnie Irwin, Laura Hamilton, and Scarlette Douglas to name a few.

Jasmine and Jonnie have been on the show the longest, starting in 2004.

Leah’s first A Place in the Sun episode will air on November 15, with the new series having started on Monday.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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