Abby Lee Miller Says Her Health Is ‘Horrible’ & She’s ‘Back To The Beginning’ With Re-Learning To Walk

Abby Lee Miller has undergone some difficult health trials in the past few years, and, unfortunately, has even more to overcome.

Abby Lee Miller, 55, has faced some serious issues with her health and, unfortunately, the road has gotten rockier. Speaking with HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview, the Dance Moms alum revealed some of the “horrible” trials she’s faced since undergoing spinal surgery in April 2018 and being wheelchair-bound ever since.

“[During COVID I had] another surgery on my spine — my lumbar region that was the original problem years ago — and that’s why I went to that doctor because my leg was going numb when I was driving in all this LA traffic so I knew something was wrong,” Abby Lee told HL, revealing she had Spondylolisthesis that was getting “worse and worse.” She then shared she had to go into “in-patient rehab” and then undergo restorative surgery.

To make matters worse, Abby Lee noted that, while in Florida, she broke her leg in two places and had to go to the level one trauma unit, causing her doctor to prescribe “no weight bearing” on the leg for three months — setting her back even further.

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Currently, the former reality star said she’s “standing in place” and “marching” compared to “walking 150 steps with the walker,” which was her previous status before her second surgery and broken leg. Her plan? To get out of her wheelchair and walk again. “I need me to coach me,” she stated. “I need an Abby Lee person to whip my butt into shape and make me the best I can be.” For now, Abby Lee aims to be using her walker for her first steps “after the holidays” as a goal.

Perhaps Abby has gained the mental and emotional strength from her past health trials to undergo the current situation with some resilience. In addition to her spinal surgeries, she also had Burkitt lymphoma — a rare form of cancer. Thankfully, her cancer went into remission. “The cancer is completely gone,” she told PEOPLE in May 2019. “I’m more grateful. I’m thankful.”

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