Actress and Comedian Sasheer Zanata Legit Had a Crush on Simba From “The Lion King”

Anybody else have their ~sexual awakening~ casually watching morning cartoons when they were younger? I’ll admit that I had mine when I was a wee young gal when I first laid eyes on Prince Charming’s beautiful self. Actress and comedian Sasheer Zanata can fully relate to with the Max from A Goofy Movie. And some other interesting television and movie characters, buuut we’ll get into that….

For this episode of That Feeling When, Sasheer let us in on all the tea about which celebs she had the hots for growing up and why. Not only did we learn a lot about her and her crushes, but she actually had sort of had an epiphany about her taste in men?? This show does it all, y’all. Entertainment and self-reflection!

You’d be pleasantly surprised at who her first television crush was: Jean-Luc Picard from the Star Trek franchise. Her parents were big fans of the show, so makes sense! Cartoons were definitely included in her crush list. First one that came to mind was Max Goof aka Goofy’s son. Oh! And she also had a thing for Simba! Cuties!!

Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You and D’Angelo in his “How Does It Feel” music video also made the bae lineup in young Sasheer’s life! Watch the rest to find out more spicy deets and catch her in the movie Spree at a drive-in theater near you.

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