Adam Brody & Keiko Agena Just Gave Gilmore Girls Fans The Reunion They've Been Waiting For!

We always knew Dave Rygalski and Lane Kim would end up together in some way!

While Adam Brody and Keiko Agena didn’t have a happy ending on Gilmore Girls, fans still held their breaths for a possible relationship… or even reunion! Well, they finally got the latter thanks to an Instagram Live chat between the two on Thursday, delivering the “long-awaited” get-together viewers have been waiting for!

Before getting into how they’re writing letters to voters in swing states on behalf of the organization Vote Forward, a proper catch-up was in order for the former on-screen couple! Keiko asked:

“How have you been?”

Adam, who semi-recently welcomed his second child with Leighton Meester, oozed his usual charm and joked in return:

“How have I been these past 17 years? Pretty wonderful. And it’s this constant, lately, it’s been this constant dichotomy of loving, enjoying my life and also freaking out and pulling my hair over the state of affairs of the world and our country right now and kind of trying to do both. So it’s like party in the day, freak out at night.”

But he’s doing something about it! Brody noted “it’s cathartic” to get involved in the election and added, “I feel like I can breathe easier after.”

This isn’t the first time he’s decided to get politically involved, though! Ahead of the 2016 election, the now 40-year-old headed down to his old on-screen stomping grounds in Orange County, California. The O.C. alum quipped:

“Everything I do has to be TV-related. That’s putting in the work. I was happy to do it. … With the pandemic, that’s not doable this year, so we’re doing this. I’m brand new to this.”

In particular, one issue of importance to the father of two is climate change:

“I believe that we’re in a climate catastrophe that’s coming and obviously every state, every part of the world, let alone country, has felt it in some way. It’s now very tangible. If we can just harness our collective power we can solve this and we can have a better economy with better paying, healthier jobs because of it.”

Summer Roberts would be proud!!

Agena echoed her former co-star’s thoughts, saying that she’s been filled with “stress and worry,” but writing letters to over 900 voters have been beneficial. She even gave Brody some pointers on what to say, including on how to make it nonpartisan, to which Adam replied:

“I’m just going to go with, ‘I believe in a woman’s right to choose. And too bad if you don’t.’ Just kidding.”

Politics aside, their reunion wouldn’t have been complete without acknowledging their time on the hit series together! The one-time teen heartthrob shared some of his favorite memories while filming Gilmore Girls, describing:

“There was something so cozy and old-fashioned about it. There was something thrilling to me.”

As fans of the “cozy” show will recall, he exited the series to join the cast of The O.C. in a leading role, but there were no hard feelings, Keiko added:

“We were so lucky to have you for whatever amount of time. … We knew it when you were there that it was great.”

Still, they had to address the elephant in the room: the fate of their characters! Adam set it up first, spilling:

“Some people wanted our characters to end up together and they did not. Shame.”

The actress replied:

“In another universe.”

We’re practically living in the Twilight Zone now, can’t this be the universe where we see season 2 of the revival bring the former teen lovers together?? Sigh.

Watch more from Adam and Keiko (below):

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