Alec Baldwin & Jim Carrey Face Off as Trump & Biden in ‘SNL’ Premiere – Watch!

Jim Carrey is making his debut as Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live!

The 58-year-old actor/comedian appeared on the season 46 premiere on Saturday (October 3) to face off with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump to parody the Presidential Debate.

During the cold open, Alec as Trump constantly interrupted Jim as Biden any time he tried to say something. Then when Jim had a chance to speak, he would lose whatever thought he was planning on making.

About halfway through, Jim need a moment to find his zen, by listening to his meditation app – and Harry Styles made a brief appearance to read some ASMR!

For Alec‘s moment of zen, Cecily Strong appeared as Kimberly Guilfoyle to mock her speech at the RNC.

Maya Rudolph then hit the stage as Kamala Harris to interrupt the debate to play up her “Momala” role.

“I think if there’s one thing we learned tonight, it’s that America needs a WAP: woman as president,” Maya said. “But for now I’ll settle for HVPIC – hot vice president in charge.”

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