Alicia Keys Shares Touching Poem Dedicated To Her Son

Alicia Keys has shared a touching poem dedicated to her five-year-old son Genesis, called “My Beautiful Baby Boy, So Curious and Pure”.

The poem, which is in honor of the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, was posted on the Instagram with the #blacklivesmatter hashtag along with a picture of Genesis building a toy tower.

“My beautiful baby boy/ So curious and pure/ Yet SO clear about what you don’t want/ “NO!” you say with vigor/ When you don’t like something going on in your small but powerful 5-year-old-world,” she wrote. “I hope that never changes/ I hope that inner strength and fire/ Never extinguishes/ And you never feel the sway to fit in/ Or be silence.”

Meanwhile, Keys’ eighth studio album, titled Alicia, is expected to be released later this summer. The singer has already dropped “Show Me Love,” “Time Machine,” “Underdog” and “Good Job.”

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