Amy Schumer’s Ex Admits to Living With Her and Her Husband: This Is Suspended Adolescence

Joking about his current living situation with the ‘Trainwreck’ star, Kyle Dunnigan says, ‘I’m supposed to leave in three weeks, but I don’t think I’m gonna.’

AceShowbizAmy Schumer is taking her friendship with an ex-boyfriend to another level. In a new episode of “The Howard Stern Show,” Kyle Dunnigan surprised many when he confessed to have been living with the “I Feel Pretty” star, whom he dated briefly in the past, and her husband Chris Fischer in the couple’s New York City apartment.

During the Thursday, January 23 interview, the writer for “Inside Amy Schumer” spilled, “I’ve been there for a month and a half.” His confession prompted host Howard Stern to ask, “And she’s not pissed off, like you’re not leaving?” To which, the comedian calmly replied, “No, she’s been very cool.” He also noted that Schumer’s apartment “is beautiful,” adding, “If you saw it, you’d stay.”

Assuring they had passed the awkward phase of the unique living arrangement, the 49-year-old shared, “When I first got there, I was very [polite], like, ‘Oh, you don’t have to do that.’ I got so entitled, like the first two days. Like the soap was low and I was like ‘Why is the soap low,’ so I had to check myself.”

On how Schumer’s husband handled the situation, Dunnigan insisted that it is all good with the professional chef. “We bro out,” he bragged. “We play chess. And all the food is really good and free.” He further joked that he doesn’t think he will move out although he is “supposed to leave in three weeks.”

All jokes aside, Dunnigan revealed that he has been staying with Schumer and her husband to work on her upcoming Hulu series, “Love, Beth.” The “Reno 911!” actor additionally admitted, “I gotta get out of there. Because this is like suspended adolescence.”

While Schumer dated Dunnigan briefly “a while ago,” she has been married to Fischer since February 2018. They welcomed their first child together, Gene Attell, in May 2019. Eight months later, she revealed that she was undergoing in vitro fertilisation treatment as she and her husband were “figuring out what to do to give Gene a sibling.”

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