Antonio Brown’s Ex Says He Desperately Needs Help as Arrest Warrant Is Issued for Battery Case

Addressing her ongoing dispute with the NFL star, Chelsie Kryiss blames the athlete’s ‘impulsive, reckless and unhealthy behaviors’ as the reason why she leaves him and takes their children with her.

AceShowbizAntonio Brown‘s ex Chelsie Kryiss has spoken up about her relationship with the professional football player following their nasty split. She took to Instagram on Wednesday, January 22 to explain her decision to leave the former Pittsburgh Steelers star.

“Over the last few years I have stood at the side of my children’s father Antonio Brown and watched the rise and fall of an incredible man and athlete,” she wrote along with a picture of their three adorable children. “Our children and I have distanced ourselves from him and our former home. Although we have parted ways I wish nothing but the best for him.”

Blaming Antonio’s behaviors for the family’s split, Chelsie continued, “Unfortunately, it seems Antonio has made questionable choices and continues to ignore the advice of those who love and support him. At this point the boys and I are working on building a new life free from any impulsive, reckless and unhealthy behaviors.”

She additionally claimed that the 31-year-old athlete “desperately needs” help for his mental health issues. “My hope is that Anotonio will get help and seek the mental health treatment that he so desperately needs so that he can be the father all of his children need and deserve,” she said to conclude her post.

His domestic dispute with Chelsie aside, Antonio has recently had a run-in the law after he’s accused of assaulting the driver of a moving company. According to TMZ, the incident that happened on Tuesday, January 21 stemmed from the troubled star’s refusal to pay a bill for moving costs.

The driver claims he was hired to deliver belongings Antonio stored in California, but when he arrived and demanded his $4,000 payment, Antonio refused to hand over the cash. The driver tried to leave, but Antonio picked up a rock and threw it at the vehicle causing a dent and a paint chip on the driver’s side door. The driver reported the incident to police.

The moving company later contacted the driver to ask him to deliver the property after Antonio promised that he would pay $4,000 plus an additional $860 to cover damage to the truck and the extra work time. However, when the driver returned to his home, Antonio only gave him the $4,000 and refused to pay more.

They were arguing again and Antonio allegedly forced his way into the driver’s side of the main cabin and began to physically strike him. Antonio’s trainer Glenn Holt reportedly grabbed the keys from the ignition and opened the side of the truck so Antonio could unload his belongings. The driver claims he suffered cuts on his hand when he tried to battle Glenn for the keys.

Antonio and Glenn then began to unload the truck, but the driver let them know that they were also removing property that belonged to someone else. They allegedly threw the property back in the truck, damaging it.

When police responded to the scene, Glenn was arrested and charged with burglary with battery. Antonio, meanwhile, reportedly entered his house as police arrived and police were not able to contact him.

On Wednesday, an arrest warrant has been issued for the NFL star for burglary with battery. The arrest warrant warns officers that Antonio has a concealed weapons permit “and is known to carry.” It adds, “Brown had a firearm stolen out of Dade County in 2018. Officers should use caution when approaching Brown, as he is known for being confrontational when dealing with police.”

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