Asteroid Flying Past Earth On Christmas Is Bigger Than Statue Of Liberty

How’d you like a replica of the Statue of Liberty for Xmas? Or better still, how’d you like an asteroid twice the size of Lady Liberty for Xmas? Well then, you’re just shy 2 million miles from getting your wish.

The asteroid — SD224 — is hurtling toward the earth and set to fly past on Christmas Day. It will travel just a few thousand miles faster than a space capsule — 22,000 mph.  For you speed buffs, that’s 30 times faster than the speed of sound.

NASA says this is a giant-ass asteroid … more than 600 feet long.

Here’s what’s crazy. The asteroid is considered a near-earth object, yet when it passes it will be 8 times further away from earth than the moon.

BTW … SD224 is not alone. There are nearly 25,000 near-earth objects in the skies. And, it wouldn’t be the first time something hit, check out this massive crater in Arizona.

The odds are certainly in our favor … NASA says the real threat of an asteroid destroying earth only occurs once in a million years. The question … where are we on that spectrum?

Merry Christmas!!!

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