Beanie Feldstein in Brandon Maxwell at the Emmys: chic retro disco queen?

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I enjoy the way Beanie Feldstein finds really good styles to highlight her figure rather than hide everything away in a series of sack dresses. I was very impressed with her Brandon Maxwell dress at the Emmys – it was 1970s-retro, but it also felt pretty modern. It was a great color for her. The silhouette was flattering. She looked glam as hell. Well done, Beanie. She was just there to present, but I would imagine that she’ll be campaigning for an Emmy next year for playing Monica Lewinsky.

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Allison Janney wore Azzi & Osta – a very sexy white number, ruined by a stiff-looking peplum. Everything else looks great though – wonderful jewelry choices, great hair and makeup, good energy. That damn peplum tried to ruin everything.

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Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine from PEN15. Anna wore Prada and Maya wore Miu Miu. They look like they’re going to a garden party rather than the Emmys?

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