Bear Grylls opens up on 21 TERRIFYING times he’s narrowly escaped death ‘I should’ve died’

The Bear Grylls Adventure teases high ropes experience

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Bear Grylls, 47, revealed he can count a whopping 21 times he narrowly escaped death over the course of his extreme survival career. But the TV star now fears he is “running out of lives” after so many scrapes in the wild.

Not a number I’m proud of

Bear Grylls

In a new interview, the adventurer admitted: “I can count a solid 21 times I should’ve died during the early episodes of our TV shows.

“Not a number I’m proud of, but in the early days we didn’t know any better.”

He went on to name a few of the occasions he almost met his maker, which included being bitten by snakes, falling down crevasses, pinned in rapids, avalanches and rockfalls.

“That time in the Costa Rican jungle I thought it was a good idea to use a vine to rappel down a 100ft waterfall,” he chuckled.

“That vine wasn’t as strong as I’d anticipated!

“It all taught me the simple lesson: don’t be an idiot and always be grateful for life.”

But looking back at the danger he’s encountered already in his esteemed career, he noted that as he gets older it’ll only get worse.

In his new book Never Give Up, he admitted time is not on his side as he nears 50.

“One factor becoming ever clearer is that, however good we try and make our TV shows, they will always be limited in the number of episodes we can produce and the ever-increasing odds in terms of danger,” he said.

“I will get older and the odds of injury will increase.”

Elsewhere, Bear bonded with Amazon multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos, over a bizarre snack.

Bezos’ company had contacted his Survival Academy to set up a corporate away day, to which the big boss had an “absolutely great time”.

“We had them climbing cliffs, dodging rattlesnakes and even eating maggots – which Jeff was determined to lead the way on,” Bear recalled.

“And good for him!

“As the world’s wealthiest man it must be tempting to stop doing the uncomfortable, and change your lifestyle to all caviar.”

In his new autobiography, Bear wrote about receiving a glowing letter from his Bezos after their day together.

It read: “We had an absolutely great time with your crew.

“They had us laughing out loud.

“In addition to all the laughter, I also learned that grubs are delicious and earthworms less so. Jeff.”

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