Bill Maher Tears into Cancel Culture and Cultural Appropriation

Bill Maher is back with a vengeance … and he’s making a case that cancel culture and cultural appropriation are destroying America.

Bill’s back from a month-long hiatus and he zeroed in on the honchos at the Olympics who were 86’d for decades-old infractions.

He then targeted a subset of cancel culture — cultural appropriation, and made a case that it’s anathema to empathy. In other words, sharing cultures — rather than walling them off — is a celebration of diversity rather than exploitation. His example is surfing — an AP story called the new Olympic sport an indignity to Hawaiians. Bill calls BS … you gotta watch and judge for yourself, but he’s got some solid arguments.

As for real grievances … well Bill jumps to the defense of the Olympic horse — of course, of course.

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