Bow Wow Embroils in Twitter Spat With Wrestler T-Bar as Rapper Plans to Join WWE

The ‘Like You’ rapper is involved in a social media feud with a Retribution star after the hip-hop artist announces his plan to try out wrestling when he quits music.

AceShowbiz -Rapper/actor Bow Wow is eyeing a new career in the wrestling world once he hangs up his microphone.

The “Like You” star previously revealed he will step away from the recording studio following the release of his upcoming final album, and now he wants to fulfil a lifelong goal to climb into the ring.

He tweeted, “Now i know this might sound crazy… BUT… after i drop my last album. I will focus on tv and film. And joining the @WWE its been a life long childhood dream to wrestle in the WWE (sic)!!!!”

Bow Wow, real name Shad Moss, even has a potential tag team partner in mind in legendary masked superstar Rey Mysterio.

He added, “Me and @reymysterio vs whoever @WWE for the tag team titles (sic)…”

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However, not everyone welcomed the rapper’s career change, and he soon became embroiled in a social media row with RETRIBUTION wrestler T-Bar.

The towering grappler replied, “It doesn’t sound crazy. It is crazy. Don’t make us destroy you. Also Like Mike (Bow Wow’s 2002 comedy) sucked. #RETRIBUTION.”

“Are you mad because ill become champ faster than you?” Bow Wow quickly fired back. “Or are you mad that like mike is more legendary than you will ever be? DROPS MIC (sic).”

The pair continued to trade verbal jabs on Twitter, with T-Bar calling on Bow Wow to join him at the WWE ThunderDome, a virtual videoconferencing crowd system, to “back up” his words.

Referencing the wrestler’s mask and comparing it to that of Batman supervillain Bane, the musician quipped, “Sounds like the BANE stand in wants the smoke? Was that a challenge sir?”

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