Brett Dier and Haley Lu Richardson Talk Relationship Secrets, Tease 'Emotional' Ending to 'Jane the Virgin' (Exclusive Video)

“It’s very emotional, but also very great,” Dier says of the series finale.

"Jane the Virgin" star Brett Dier says the series finale will leave fans divided.

In a wide-ranging interview with TooFab at the MTV Movie and TV Awards on Saturday, the actor opened up about the final season of "Jane the Virgin," where Dier plays Michael Cordero, who has had very complicated storyline to say the least — you could say it’s straight out of a telenovela.

Viewers were thrown for a loop during the Season 4 finale when Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) discovered Michael, her husband who was presumed dead, turned out to actually be alive. In the years following Michael’s "death," Jane had moved on with her baby daddy Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni); but when Michael retrieved his memories after a bout of amnesia, their wild love triangle was reignited.

Now the biggest question remains: who will Jane end up with? Well, Dier seemingly confirmed it’s either Rafael or Michael that ends up winning Jane’s heart.

"People are going to be both sad and happy," Dier said of the series finale, which airs July 31. "It depends what team you’re on…It’s very emotional, but also very great."

When asked how he feels about the show ending after five years, Dier said, "It is bittersweet. I think we’re all ready to do something different but it was a really good time to be a part of all that and we’ve grown a lot. We’ve learned a lot. We’ve grown a lot as actors and people together."

One person that will definitely be watching the finale? Dier’s girlfriend of seven years, Haley Lu Richardson.

"This final season of ‘Jane the Virgin’ has literally been the best television I’ve ever seen in my life," she told TooFab. "Honestly, Jenny [Synder Urman] who created the show is an evil genius. Gina [Rodriguez] is like — every single one of them is so made for those characters."

She added, "It’s literally magic that show. It’s my favorite show."

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TooFab also asked the couple what they consider the secrets to a good relationship.

"Honesty, communication…trust. No bullshit," Dier said and Richardson added, "Equal, equal everything."

"If you’re going through shit, talk it out," Dier continued. "Play with each other…in games of chess."

Richardson, who proposed to Dier earlier this year, said she’s only ever concerned about their relationship when they play board games.

"We both are really competitive," she said. "If I’ve ever been worried for our relationship it’s been playing Scrabble or Skip-Bo.”

Richardson, who was up for the award for Breakthrough Performance for her role in "Five Feet Apart," spoke about how she and the cast of the tearjerker drama kept their spirits up while filming. According to the actress, the film’s director, Baldoni, who co-stars with Dier on "Jane," took the cast on an interesting field trip during their time in New Orleans. See where they went in the interview, above!

"Five Feet Apart" is in theaters now and "Jane the Virgin" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on the CW

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