Charlotte Crosby says she ‘loves being single’ after Liam Beaumont split

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Fans of Charlotte Crosby will be well aware by now that the former Geordie Shore star doesn’t hold back. No matter the topic, Charlotte will talk about it!

So, when we heard the 31-year-old was embarking on a one-woman show, we couldn’t wait to hear more. The seven-date tour, One Night With Charlotte , will see her fill the audience in on everything from her antics on the Shore to winning Celebrity Big Brother in 2013.

There will also be a Q&A session with her fans – and while Charlotte admits she will answer “anything”, she says she’s keen to not dwell on the more negative times in her life.

New caught up with Charlotte following our exclusive shoot in London, where we’re pleased to report she was on top form. “It was so much fun,” she tells us. “The pictures look amazing and I rarely say that about myself!”

And we’ve no doubt her tour will provide a welcome distraction, following her recent split from her boyfriend of 18 months, Liam Beaumont.

Opening up about their break-up, Charlotte tells us, “There was no grieving period. I think it was almost more of a celebration that finally I’d had a healthy relationship. We were just different people.”

Char recently sparked romance rumours with her former Geordie Shore co-star Scotty T, 33, after she shared a cosy snap of them together – but she insists they’re just “good friends” – although she wouldn’t rule out locking lips with the “really good kisser” again.

It’s safe to say that for now, she’s loving single life too much to be tied down, and ponders, “Why didn’t anyone tell me that being single was this much fun?”

Here, Charlotte tells us why she’s preferring to fly solo and how she overcame her fear of being alone…

Hi Charlotte! Congratulations on One Night With Charlotte. What can we expect from your live show?

Thank you so much! Just imagine one night on the lash with me – it’s literally that. It’s just absolute carnage. We’ve got a trip down memory lane, a question-and-answer session, lots of fun games and special guests galore. During the Q&A, people in the audience can ask me anything they want. I’ll talk about anything.

I’ve basically written the whole thing myself. I’ll talk about every reality show I’ve ever been on and there will be loads that people haven’t heard before.

Sounds amazing! Will you be having a drink on stage, too?

I think I’m going to have to have a drink before I go on stage! Some of these shows have got space for 800 people, so I’m definitely going to need one. I think if I wasn’t nervous it would be very strange, because I obviously care so much about it doing well. My fans are absolutely crazy – they are people who love crude jokes and want to get drunk. There will be a lot of sexual humour. I want to make people laugh.

We have no doubt you will! What made you want to do the show?

Well, I didn’t, I was too scared. I got asked a couple of times and I was just too scared, so I kept saying no and then one day I just thought I’ve really got to go for this. Also, I saw a fortune teller – the best one I’ve ever seen – and she said I was going to get asked to do something that I keep turning down and that I had to go for it. Then lo and behold, two weeks later, I got asked to do the show and I thought, “I’ve got to do it!”

What would you do if you got heckled?

I don’t know. I’ve been heckled so many times. You’re talking to the girl who used to do nightclub appearances every night of the weekend and has been booed off stage. I feel like one person heckling me in the crowd is going to be nothing to me!

You’re very close to your mum. Are you going to share anything on stage that might surprise her?

She is going to be so embarrassed the whole way through, put it that way. Believe me, she won’t want to kill me just for the stories – when you understand what’s going to happen, she won’t want me to be alive again [laughs]!

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It sounds like she’s in for a bit of a shock! What special guests can we expect?

Sophie [Kasaei] will be there at every show with me, and the rest I can’t say as they’re going to be surprises.

Who else have you kept in touch from Geordie Shore ?

Pretty much everyone. We all still live around the corner from each other and see each other all the time. Kyle [Christie] recently became a dad and I’m so happy for him. They’re all invited to the show in Newcastle, or the nearest one to them, so hopefully they’ll be able to come..

That so nice. Would you ever return to the show?

If they ever did a reunion I would 100% go back. I have no reason not to. I would love to reunite with everyone. Who doesn’t go to a school reunion or a work reunion? It’s amazing. You get to see how everyone is doing and relive old times.

What are your best memories from that time?

Everything about it. When it started, it was crazy and wild and I made friends for life. We travelled the world and we did everything a 21-year-old wanted to do or was doing, but we got paid for it. We were living the dream. It was the best years of my life. I don’t like to dwell on the negative times. I’m the type of person who really only focuses on the good and I don’t give air to the bad. But I’m someone who has no regrets ever.

You recently split from your boyfriend Liam. Do you think your tour will provide a much-needed distraction?

I don’t really feel like I need a distraction. I’ve been having a lovely time. The first two months after the break-up, I just sat at home and exercised so much – it was brilliant. But I’m really excited to get on the road for the tour and put my energy into that.

Do you feel like there’s been a grieving period?

I don’t think there’s been a grieving period, no. It wasn’t a sad break-up, it was actually really, really amicable, and I would still say we’re friends. We spoke a little bit when we broke up and that kind of faded out, but if we saw each other again, we’d speak as friends. But there was no grieving period. I think it was almost more a celebration that finally I’d had a healthy relationship. We were just different people..

How are you finding being single? Are you loving it?

I’m loving every second of being single. Why didn’t anyone tell me that being single was this much fun?

There were reports that you’re dating your former Geordie Shore co-star Scotty T, after you posted a cosy picture together. What’s going on?

There is nothing going on between me and Scotty T – but we do have some exciting things coming up. I can’t say anything, I’m tight-lipped!

Sounds intriguing… Could the two of you ever be an item?

We’re just really good friends. We’re like brother and sister. But we have kissed in the past during a series of Geordie Shore , so who is to rule out me kissing him again? He’s a really good kisser! You can never say never.

Earlier this year you went to Australia for work, but Sydney then went back into lockdown, so you had to fly home after completing your quarantine. What was that like?

It was so frustrating, but actually it was probably, like, the biggest turning point in my life. I spent 20-something days in quarantine in a hotel completely alone. It was more than the average person spends in quarantine. I feel like I discovered myself. I think I had a big awakening and it set me up for how I am and how I deal with things..

What do you think changed for you?

Before, I didn’t like being alone. I was always scared of being alone and I think that’s why I jumped from relationship to relationship – loneliness was my main big fear. Mentally it was really hard, but after spending that much time alone on the other side of the world in one room, when I could hardly speak to anyone, it made me suddenly realise that it’s fine.

I felt like I could conquer the world after that. I’m not planning on getting in another relationship any time soon, believe you me. I need to be alone for a bit. I’ve been single now for nearly three months – the longest time in five years. Being in that hotel room changed things.

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A Channel 5 documentary analysing your appearance, called Celebrities: What Happened To Your Face?, was removed from streaming services earlier this year. How did that affect you mentally?

You know, it was weird, because I didn’t ever watch it. People were texting me about it and it was making me feel anxious and I was thinking, “Oh my God – what is being shown?” The documentary itself didn’t affect us, the real turning point was the sheer positivity that came from it and the support I received.

I couldn’t actually believe it; it was overwhelming. The documentary was another day and the same old s**t! That’s just what people say about me all the time. I did feel up until that point very worthless, I felt like I deserved it. I have had my lips done and I’ve been open about it, so I felt like I deserved to be pulled apart. But people’s support changed how I felt.

So, would you say that you feel more confident now?

I’ve always been confident. I didn’t feel unconfident even though I felt worthless, I just felt like I deserved to be talked about badly. I think I’m quite sexy, in fact! I feel like when people say something about what I’ve had done, I just think, “Well, I think it looks great!”

It’s not that I wasn’t confident, I just felt that because I’d had those things done, I deserved all of the things people were saying to me and to be picked apart. But the support I received made me realise I don’t deserve that at all.

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