Chelsea Houska Goes Braless In Modeling Pic, Proves Her Popularity on Instagram

It might seem like no one could possibly have anything bad to say about Chelsea Houska.

Of all the stars in the Teen Mom galaxy, no one is so level-headed and drama-free — but for some fans of the show, that’s exactly the problem.

Viewers have complained that Chelsea’s happiness and stability make for boring storylines.

Ever since Chelsea married Cole DeBoer in  2016, her life has been the picture of domestic contentment.

Chelsea still has to contend with occasional annoyances from her drug-addicted ex, Adam Lind, but the father of her first child plays a smaller and smaller role in her life as the years go by.

Obviously, there are worse problems to have than being boringly happy.

Take, for example, the issues faced by literally any other Teen Mom star.

But being repeatedly told that your life is uninteresting would take a toll on anyone.

Fortunately, Chelsea still has more fans than haters, as evidenced by her latest modeling pic for the clothing brand Lauribelles.

“Everyone will be GREEN with envy when you show up in this! @chelseahouska,” the photo was captioned.

Clearly, fans were loving the look.

“Uggghhh!!! She’s so pretty,” one fan wrote.

“When will @chelseahouska do any other try-on session? I love seeing them!” another added.

“You’re so beautiful @chelseahouska I love you!” a third chimed in.

And Chelsea isn’t just posing for the free clothes.

Her Lauribelle endorsement/modeling deal is just one of several lucrative partnerships for the mother of three. 

In recent years, Houska has launched a collaboration with baby and child retailer Itzy Ritzy, and she launched the eyewear brand DIFF.

Chelsea is also the face of weight loss brand Profile Sanford and meal kit service HomeChef.

And unlike, say, Jenelle Evans’ makeup line, Chelsea’s products actually sell.

She launched her collaboration with Lauribelles by modeling a cowl-neck sweater that sold out that very same day.

So viewers might say Chelsea’s life doesn’t make for compelling television.

But clearly a good number of them are attracted to the quiet, simple life she leads — and how good it looks on her.

Again, there are far worse problems to have than being blissful, yet boring.

And at the end of the day, Chelsea is the one laughing last.

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