Chris Evans addresses ‘kissing’ Graham Norton the first time they met ‘He’s a bit sharp’

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Chris Evans, 54, featured the iconic Graham Norton, 57, on his show on Wednesday, to talk about his third novel Home Stretch. But catching up on the air-waves got the pair thinking back when they first met, and they finally managed to lock down a date: a Gay Pride weekend in the 90s that took place on Clapham Common.

I think it did happen because I remember thinking: ‘Goodness me, he’s a bit sharp for a Saturday morning!’

Chris Evans

As the nostalgia flowed, Graham suddenly realised that despite not knowing each other before that day, they may have shared a rather intimate moment.

And it soon all came flooding back to Chris.

“Did we first meet at Gay Pride?” the Virgin Radio host wondered, wracking his brain.

There was a short pause before Graham blurted out: “Did I kiss you?”

Chris spluttered: “Well, hopefully!” he joked, before recognising his guest was serious.

“I have a funny feeling [I did],” Graham giggled.

The pair discussed their reasons for being at the parade in a professional capacity, with the Irish comedian filming a package for Channel 4 and Chris revealed he was invited to introduce a band.

“I think it did happen because I remember thinking: ‘Goodness me, he’s a bit sharp for a Saturday morning!’ or whatever it was!” Chris chuckled, suddenly remembering the surprise moment between them.

“That was you wasn’t it,” he grinned as Graham howled with laughter.

“Was that me? Was that for a magazine chat?” the BBC chat show host struggled to pinpoint the exact moment he went in for a cheeky kiss with his pal.

“They were the days when I just did whatever, so I don’t know what that was for!

“I remember asking you some very rude questions though…” the guest laughed.

They left much to the imagination as neither could recall exactly what was said.

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Elsewhere, Chris told his listeners that over the weekend he had a rather “turbulent” argument with his wife Natasha.

He reassured the audience that everything sorted itself out, but admitted he wished they didn’t have to “go through what they did”.

And contrary to popular belief, he revealed he doesn’t think there are two sides to an argument between a couple.

“When you’re having a row you’re either both right or both wrong,” Chris said, adding: “There’s never one person right or one person wrong, you’re either both rowing for the right reason or the wrong reason!”

“This weekend we had a family discord. There were a few different perspectives going on and in the end we discovered there was an impasse and something had to be sorted.”

He noted that the disagreement got a bit “turbulent”, but they’re better for it.

“It’s been sorted and we’re better for it but I wish we didn’t have to go through what we did have to go through,” he confessed, explaining the “means didn’t justify the ends”, but at least it’s all done with now.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show continues weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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