Chris Packham’s stepdaughter Megan McCubbin admits ‘worries’ for him after ‘death threats’

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Megan McCubbin, 25, has revealed that her stepfather and Autumnwatch co-presenter Chris Packham is often “criticised and attacked” for his views and sometimes trolls can be “incredibly nasty”. The nature enthusiast said that despite “death threats” her stepfather has received, he is “ruffling the right feathers” by making his stance against badger culling and hunting known.

Death threats arrived

Megan McCubbin

Megan said: “I do worry when Chris gets criticised and attacked [for his opposition to badger culling and hunting]. 

“I know it’s water off his back, but it’s incredibly nasty. I was with him when he discovered dead animals hanging on the gate, and when the death threats arrived I was part of the police process of taking fingerprints.

“So it’s not a nice environment to be in. But he’s ruffling the right feathers and making a noise that needs to be heard,” she added to Radio Times.

The revelation came after Chris had tweeted that a dead badger had been shockingly strung up on his gate after he spoke out against the badger cull.

The presenter captioned the tweet in view of his 388,000 followers: “Always nice to get home after a long day at work to a warm welcome at the gate. 

“I’d be grateful if you have an issue with me and my views if you could express it without killing innocent animals.”

Chris was confronted with the dead animal outside his home after airing his views against harming the creatures.

He first spoke out about the badger cull back in 2013.

Meanwhile, his stepdaughter Megan has joined the latest series of Autumnwatch as a full-time addition after making a guest appearance on Springwatch.

Chris entered Megan’s life at an early age when she was only two-years-old after he began dating her mum Jo.

Although the couple split when Megan was 11, Chris and his stepdaughter have remained close.

Recently the pair spent lockdown together for logistical and health reasons.

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Jo is a nurse, while Chris’s partner Charlotte Corney runs the Isle of Wight Zoo.

While isolating together, the now-colleagues penned a book entitled Back to Nature: How to Love Life and Save it.

However, Chris described one irritation that he had with Megan while they were cooped up indoors together.

He recalled: “The one thing she did in lockdown that got on my pip was making a mess of the kitchen. 

“Why make pastry? You can buy it pre-made. You get out the flour, you put it on the worktop and It goes everywhere – the floor, your clothes, the poodles. “

“I’m not a mess-maker. Flour is the work of the devil.”

Autumnwatch begins next Tuesday on BBC Two at 8pm.

Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times – out now.

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