‘Comrade’ Britney Spears calls for the redistribution of wealth & strikes

Sending out prayers and love to all of the families in this hard time ….. God Bless you all !!!!

Britney Spears is not in charge of a lot in her life, but she has retaken control of her Instagram, at least. I think her Twitter is still being handled by her communications/business team. But for several years now, Britney posts whatever she wants on IG. For the most part, “what she wants” has included endless selfies, dance videos, workout videos and random photos and memes she finds on the internet. Britney has shared messages of compassion in this time of global crisis, but she took it one step further yesterday when she posted a socialist message about the redistribution of wealth.

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Communion goes beyond walls 🌹🌹🌹

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Communion goes beyond walls 🌹🌹🌹

This is actually a longer quote from Mimi Zhu, although Britney did not attribute it to Zhu. Britney also included three rose emojis, which is apparently a symbol of the socialist cause online, which I did not know. Zhu posted on Twitter about Comrade Britney:

— MIMI ZHU ☁️ (@mimizhuxiyuan) March 24, 2020

— MIMI ZHU ☁️ (@mimizhuxiyuan) March 24, 2020

After that, people had such a good time examining Comrade Britney’s long-standing calls to dismantle the bourgeois class and how, obviously, “Toxic” is a metaphor for late-stage capitalism.

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