Country Backlash Over Lil Nas X

Country music fans have started boycotting Wrangler Jeans in protest of their collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X, which was inspired by his hit song, “Old Town Road.”

Here are some samples of backlash on social media:

“This is how you lose customers,” wrote one person on Instagram.

“Went from cowboys to rappers,” another said.

The marriage of Wrangler and rap has its defenders, however.

“You ppl are talking as if wrangler only make clothes for the ones who live that ‘cowboy’ lifestyle, grow tf up! there’s money to be made out here,” wrote one Instagram user.

“White folks don’t know the company that that owns Wrangler, owns alot of other clothing lines that black folks wear. P.S, black folks wear wranglers,” said one angry post on Twitter.

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