Dan Osborne reveals inside his incredible Lego room at home as he proudly admits he is a ‘geek’

Dan Osborne has shown his followers around his incredible Lego room at home, complete with many impressive builds, such as a Hogwarts castle, a Disney castle, a roller coaster and a whole street made-up of shops.

Dan, 28, panned his camera around the room as he revealed his plans for it and how he intends to have shelves put in to display all the impressive Lego creations he will build.

Panning to the Disney train station which was still in the box, the self-confessed Lego “geek” said: “So my plan is to have this built next to the Disney castle, so maybe have the station here and I’m going to get the track so it sort of comes out of the radiator, if it works, coming out and up against the wall.

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“And the train coming along as well so it’s like a Disney corner.”

He then zoomed in on the Disney figurines standing outside the castle, saying: “I’ve ordered a few more characters, I’ve still got about eight or nine more to come. I’ve got Aladdin, Jasmine, little alien, Jafar, the genie.

“But yeah have I got too much lego? I don’t know" as he continued to go through his collection saying: "We’ve got a ferris wheel going on and we’ve got the roller coaster to go with it."

The former TOWIE star then panned back to the carousel, which he had called a ferris wheel, and corrected himself as he said: “Sorry that’s a carousel. I’ve got a ferris wheel that I need to build."

Continuing the tour, he said: “I’ve got the roller coaster, Hogwarts. We’ve got a cinema, we’ve got a Parisian restaurant.”

Showing off London attractions that he had built in Lego form, he said: “London bus, London bridge, Big Ben”, before panning across the room to show the "New York shelf”.

Moving on to streets made of Lego, he said: “We’ve got a pretzel shop, a florist, coffee shop, diner, a barbers, pub, laundrette and we got a bank. And in all of these floors above, there is all bits in there as well. There is a boxing gym in one, there’s apartments, there’s vets, there is everything.”

Zooming the camera in one window of the houses, Dan proudly said: “There is a little music room in here, I think there is someone dancing in there, yep little ballerina in there.”

Revealing his plans for the room he said: “Yeah there is just so much going on in here and I’m going to have shelves everywhere.

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“I’m going to have them all up on this wall, above the door, above the window, everywhere is going to be lego in this room.”

He then panned to a picture of his son Teddy and daughter Ella beaming as he sweetly said: “There’s the kids at Legoland.”

Dan is isolating at home with wife Jacqueline Jossa and their daughters, Ella and Mia, and his son Teddy.

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Dan recently revealed his kids’ excitement when they left the house to go for a walk in the park.

Sharing a snap of the three youngsters beaming as they pose in a country lane, Dan wrote: “Gone for a walk in the woods today with @jacjossa & the munchkins.

"They have not left the house once and was so nice to see them so excited to go for a walk.”

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