Dancing on Ice’s Chemmy Alcott on surprising reason she’s ‘proud’ of horror ski injuries

Chemmy Alcott: Nothing an Olympic opening ceremony

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Dancing on Ice star Chemmy Alcott has opened up on the horrific injuries she’s sustained over the course of her skiing career, insisting that she wears them with “pride”. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the Ski Sunday presenter, 39, candidly discussed accidents she’s suffered throughout her ski career, which she says she’s “proud” of, as it shows she “pushed herself to the limit” while competing.

They were proof that I was willing and confident enough to take risks

Chemmy Alcott

The Alpine ski racer broke her neck skiing when she was just 11, which saw her have two vertebrae fused together.

Altogether, she has broken 47 bones, including shattering her right leg in an 80mph accident, and a compound fracture of her fibula and open fraction of her tibia.

Chemmy’s right leg has a 15-inch metal pin and nine screws through the bone and she’s undergone surgery for Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears.

But when asked why she kept skiing in spite of her injuries, Chemmy gushed over her passion for the winter sport.

She said: “I think the knowledge that the grass isn’t greener, that I was able to make a small career out of something that I love doing, which is the most incredible job in the world.

“Actually, I’m really proud of all the injuries I had.

“Because all the injuries were proof that I was willing and confident enough to take risks,” she added.

The sportswoman told how she went through a phase of being too careful on the slopes which, while she didn’t injure herself, affected her performance.

Chemmy explained: “Actually I was healthiest in my twenties when I didn’t break anything.

“It’s because I was skiing within myself and I had a fear of failure.

“So I was choosing to go 80 per cent and keeping 20 per cent in my back pocket,” she said.

Chemmy went on to say how her scars reflected a time when she didn’t hold back while competing in her sport.

She said: “So actually, all my injuries are signs of times where, you know, I pushed it to my limit and beyond, obviously, because that’s where I got hurt.

“Obviously I would have loved to have won an Olympic gold medal, but to have the self awareness and personal growth that I got from fighting back from injuries and, and choosing to be a ski racer…” she said, before cutting herself off.

Chemmy clarified: “I wasn’t doing it because I was making money or because I was winning.

“I really loved the life and I was passionate about the sport,” she explained.

Following multiple injuries as a result of skiing accidents, Chemmy has been vocal about the pain she has faced throughout her life.

However, while filming Ski Sunday last year, the mother-of-two started taking Dragonfly CBD, which she credits with helping her to get a better night’s sleep and managing her pain.

She said: “I couldn’t believe the difference it made. I felt more flexible, had no pain, and my quality of sleep was so much better. It was a real life-changing time for me.”

“Dragonfly CBD helps me lead the active life I want to, without being weighed down by pain.

“And my quality of sleep is so much better, plus, it has really helped me deal with what life can throw at us, where juggling 101 things is pretty normal for us all,” she added.

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