Danielle Lloyd reveals she’s going to attempt birth of baby girl without any pain relief

Danielle Lloyd never thought her dream of welcoming a little girl would come true after the arrival of her four beautiful boys. But now, the 37-year-old star is finally getting her happy ending – and will be charting her pregnancy journey exclusively with OK!.

In her brand new column, Danielle, 37, will be writing all about the preparations for the new baby, opening up on every aspect of pregnancy, from sleepless nights and raging hormones to sharing advice she's been given along the way. Sign up below – for free! – to read her first column.

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Hi everyone,

I’m really excited to be launching my pregnancy diary with OK! every week. I’ll be talking you through the highs and lows of my fifth pregnancy as I await the arrival of my first daughter. I still can’t believe it’s finally happening.

I’ve been asked so many questions along the way about my pregnancy, so, I hope that while detailing my journey with OK!, you will be able to relate to what I’m feeling and going through in the weeks to come.

A lot of women stress through their pregnancies and it can be a worrying time for many. For any mums out there who are expecting for the first time, firstly, congratulations! And secondly, if you’re feeling worried or anxious, it is completely normal, but try to stay relaxed. If you worry, the baby will be able to feel you're worried. Happy mum, happy baby, as they say. I’m a pretty calm person deep down. I’m relaxed and laid back, but we will come back to that when our daughter arrives…

I Feel Organised

I’m feeling really good, at the moment. I was worried about how I would feel about the boys going back to school; having to get up every morning and do the school runs, but I’m actually enjoying the routine a lot. I’m getting up every morning at a good time. I feel really on top of things and organised.

I stopped drinking three months before I got pregnant and I’ve almost done a whole year without drinking any alcohol. It’s definitely made a difference and helped me mentally and physically. Although a lot of people use drinking to cope with stress, I haven’t drunk for a year, and I feel so much more relaxed than I would if I had been drinking glasses of wine. I feel really positive and I feel it has gone so quickly!

I definitely feel a lot smaller this time around. When I was pregnant with Ronnie, I suffered really badly from SPD – Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. I had to be in a wheelchair as I couldn’t physically walk – it was that bad! But I’ve been fine this time, luckily.

Sleepless Nights And Nappy Changing Hell

I had a 4D scan this week, which I absolutely loved! The pictures were so clear. When they measured my stomach previously, they were saying the baby was going to be quite big. I don't normally get worried before an appointment, but I did start to panic a bit. When they said she was going to be quite big, I was thinking, ‘Oh my god, we’re going to have a big bruiser daughter!’ But when I had the scan, in the end, she looked so tiny. I think that's something that people do worry about – how big their baby will be and the pain that comes with that during labour.

I’m not worried about the birth. I think I’m more worried about going back to the sleepless nights and all the nappy changes! I think with this labour, I'm going to try and breathe through it because I've been doing a lot of meditation over the last year. So, I’ll go without pain relief this time. I'm definitely going to do gas and air, but I want to try and breathe through as much of it as I can.


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Bio-oil Is A Life Saver!

Throughout all my pregnancies I have always used Bio-Oil on my skin. I think it’s important to keep your skin light, moist and soft. I've been so lucky – I've had no stretch marks throughout my pregnancy, which is amazing. The other thing that I've been using is the Nivea Sun-Kissed gradual tan moisturiser. I was getting so pale and when you're pregnant, you're not feeling your best. I thought it would give me a little bit of a boost, and it really has!

The Boys Are So Excited

It’s going to be absolutely crazy when our little girl arrives. I won’t even know what to do! Obviously, it's going to be different because it's going to be a girl and the boys are just so excited, they can’t wait for her to come.

Even my youngest Ronnie, who’s only four, keeps asking, "When is she coming?" He said he’s "going to love her forever," which is so cute! I’ve bought a cot called the Unilove Hugme which I attach to the side of the bed. It's meant to feel like they’re in the bed with you and apparently, it’s meant to help you sleep better. Ronnie keeps trying to get into it, ha!

You've Given Me Hope

Since Michael and I announced we are expecting a baby girl, everyone has been so lovely. I’ve obviously made no secret about the fact that I’ve always wanted a daughter, after having my four boys. I’ve actually had loads of messages from people saying: "Thanks so much for speaking out and so openly about gender disappointment."

There are women out there who feel gender disappointment, but don’t feel they’re allowed to talk about it. And when someone in the public eye, like myself, speaks about going through that themselves on social media, they then feel it’s actually OK to feel that way.

How I see it is, when a man says, "Oh, I hope it’s a boy," no one bats an eyelid. But when a woman says, "I hope it’s a girl," people automatically go, "Oh, you shouldn’t say that." There’s a stigma around it, but I’m happy I’ve been able to help people who are going through a similar situation. Some mothers have said to me, "Oh, I’ve got three boys and I’ve always wanted a girl, and you’ve given me hope."

See you next week!

Danielle x

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