Darius Rucker Celebrates Love With New Single ‘My Masterpiece’

Darius Rucker has released a new single “My Masterpiece,” which celebrates love.

The new song, which is a follow up to the veteran country music star’s 2020 hit “Beers & Sunshine,” compares romance to “all of the great masterpieces in the world.”

Both the songs, which are part of Rucker’s upcoming album, will hit country radio airwaves on March 22.

“My Masterpiece” was co-written by Rucker, Ross Copperman, JT Harding, and Josh Osborne.

Speaking about the creation of the new song, he told his record label, “I was having a writing session with the same guys I wrote ‘Beers & Sunshine’ with…I said I was trying to learn to play piano, and they asked if I could play, and I said, ‘I can’t play like Ray Charles.'”

He added, “And that just stuck in his head, and that was the idea that he had. And we went in, and it was another one of those songs that really, with when you think about all of the great masterpieces in the world, it was great to write that song and come up with another song that I love.”

Rucker has scheduled a 12-date U.S. tour that is set to kick off in May and lasts up to October.

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