Dave Chappelle Says DaBaby Offending LGBT was Worse Than Killing Someone

DaBaby killing a man wasn’t even nearly as offensive as him going after the LGBT community, which torpedoed his career … a disparity Dave Chappelle says doesn’t sit well with him.

The comedian’s got a new stand-up special on Netflix, and right off the bat … he starts making jokes about DB falling from grace after going on a homophobic rant, which Dave notes might’ve been more of a cardinal sin than actually ending someone’s life.

Of course, he’s talking about a legal case DaBaby was wrapped up in some years ago — when cops say he was involved in a fatal shooting at a Walmart in North Carolina … something DB himself has said was done in self-defense, and for which he skated.

Watch what Dave’s going for here … he’s suggesting that pissing off the gay community these days is a way bigger deal — and could end your career faster — than actually killing.

It’s all tongue-in-cheek, of course, but DC’s making a point he seems to believe … that what DaBaby did wasn’t really that big a deal — considering his overall history. Some might agree, but others certainly don’t — as what DaBaby said at Rolling Loud was, in fact, awful.

Dave acknowledges that as well … saying that the guy even crossed a line for him personally — seeing how Dave says he often makes cracks at the expense of the LGBT crowd. But, in (his) perspective, Dave believes something’s amiss by the severe fallout DB has faced.

There’s more jokes Dave makes about gays … making a distinction between “old school” ones from the Stonewall era, and modern-day ones — whom he considers overly sensitive.

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