David Dobrik Gives $25,000 to a Fan in Need – Watch!

David Dobrik is helping out a fan in need.

During a recent trip, the 23-year-old YouTuber met a fan named Kevin who asked David if he would help surprise “the girl of his dreams” Melissa, who is also a big fan.

The duo originally planned to prank Melissa until David learned that she was a 21-year-old mother who worked three jobs while taking care of a sick parent and going to school.

Instead, David sat down with Melissa to get to know her and give her a surprise.

“I should have brought something to give you! I have change in my pocket. I’ll give you everything in my pocket. I have $25…Oh wait, and a check for $25,000!” David told Melissa.

Of course, there were lots of tears after David‘s super kind gesture.

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Watch it all go down in David‘s latest vlog…

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