Deal Alert! This Super Speedy Laptop Is On Sale Under $150 At Walmart

Everyone knows how scary purchasing a laptop can be! Laptops rank as one of the most important pieces in our lives, and without them, we’d feel lost.

But sometimes we lose our minds over how those small screens have such a big price tag on them! It makes committing to any tech purchase uncomfortable. Or at least it did! There’s a super speedy Chromebook laptop on sale at Walmart at a price everyone will be comfortable with!

See it: Grab the Samsung 11.6″ Chromebook 3 (originally $219) now with prices starting at $149 at Walmart!

The Samsung 11.6″ Chromebook 3 is the laptop deal that’s too good not to steal!

This lightweight laptop weighs in at just under three pounds, which is great when looking for a sleek style that’s slim, too! It can easily be stored in any duffle, bag or tote! It’s even light enough to carry to and from work!

We’re also loving its battery life with up to 11 hours of power without charging. This is great when looking to take advantage of the endless features it has when using its Chrome OS operating system. We can send emails, browse the web, watch a YouTube video, prepare a Powerpoint presentation and even explore any of the thousands of available apps, all in one charge!

This long-lasting charge eliminates any of those heavy and bulky charging cords we’re always carrying around. Wave goodbye to those days! We’re loving how this sleek laptop doesn’t just offer up a lightweight design but is looking to keep our bags light, too.

So many reviewers are calling this Chromebook “easy,” “efficient” and an excellent bang for the buck, especially at a price like this!

See it: Grab the Samsung 11.6″ Chromebook 3 (originally $219) now with prices starting at $149 at Walmart!

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