Death in Paradise actor Ben Miller hints at possible Bridgerton return ‘I died off-screen’

Celebrity Catchphrase: Ben Miller jokes about Death in Paradise call

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Ben Miller, who played DI Richard Poole in the first two series of Death in Paradise, recently appeared as the lecherous Lord Featherington in Netflix’s smash hit show Bridgerton. Alongside his recent role in the high-profile period drama, the Armstrong and Miller star can also be seen in ITV’s new crime drama Professor T, and has recently written his fifth Christmas book, Diary of a Christmas Elf. 

Ben, 55, told that while Bridgerton’s Lord Featherington was reportedly murdered by being forced to drink laudanum, the fact that he never died on screen leaves his supposed death rather open-ended. 

When asked if his character might return, Ben said: “Who knows? You don’t actually see him die. 

“It does happen off screen and…I don’t know. As far as I know I’m dead. 

“But there’s got to be a little question mark in my mind. I just think, seeing as you didn’t see him die…” he wondered aloud. 

The star went on to describe how much he enjoyed playing the villainous character.

Speaking about being killed off, he said: “It’s so sad because I was really enjoying myself. 

“It’s always fun playing the baddie, but it was also quite exciting.

“There’s not many death scenes like mine and it’s unusual to get murdered by being forced to drink laudanum.”

The actor also spoke about how unique he felt the fictional Featherington family were from a narrative perspective.

“I love the character because I think…In family therapy, they talk about the unidentified patient. 

“In other words, there’s the members of the family who seem to have real problems, you know, like Lady Featherington or Penelope, for example. 

“But of course, then as it goes on, you begin to realise that the source of all this is really Lord Featherington, and that’s quite an interesting story. I’d never seen that story told before.”


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The star went on to describe how, despite Lord Featherington being “a bit of nothing to begin with” he managed to be the source of all the family’s problems. 

“You realise what a terrible situation he’s put everyone in his family in and they are all really in denial about his problems as much as he is,” he explained. 

Apart from his acting work, Ben has also been busy putting together his latest Christmas book, Diary of a Christmas Elf. 

The father-of-three revealed the touching story behind why he began writing Christmas books for children. 

“When my oldest child was about nine or ten, he started to doubt whether Father Christmas was real,” he explained.

“And I thought, ‘Well I have to write a story that will convince him that Father Christmas is real’.

“So I wanted to write the origin story of Christmas and I wrote a story called The Night I Met Father Christmas about a boy called Jackson (my son’s name is Jackson) who meets him and learns all about how he became Father Christmas.”

After securing a publishing deal, Ben went on to write four more Christmas books, and his latest story, which follows the adventures of Tog the Christmas elf, came out just last week. 

Diary of a Christmas Elf by Ben Miller is out now  (Hardback, Simon & Schuster Children’s Books) to buy for £9.99.

The festive book has been described as “a funny and heartwarming story about the true meaning of gift giving” and also features beautiful illustrations by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini.

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