Denise Welch slams Covid ‘hypocrisy’ as she’s not allowed in ambulance with frightened dad

Loose Women: Denise Welch emotional over her dad

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Denise Welsh has slammed the “hypocrisy” of Covid rules and restrictions in the UK on social media, after she was not allowed to travel with her “frightened” father in an ambulance at the weekend. The Loose Women star did not reveal any further details about her dad’s health, but instead vented her frustration at the rules, which she believes are unfair.

“Today, I wasn’t allowed to travel in an ambulance with my 84yr old frightened dad. Why?? There is no reason,” she began.

“I’ve tried to call out this hypocrisy for over a year. I came off Twitter as I was called a covid denier. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I knew this would happen.

“I saw the utter hypocrisy when the govt allowed the clap for carers to become a weekly carnival with emergency services lining the streets with their sirens blaring. Karaoke and wine parties, nurses gathering outside hugging. Bridges full of people clapping.

“Meanwhile, 2 men were threatened with arrest as they tried to comfort their mother sat alone at her husbands funeral,” she added.

Denise went on to ask why there has not been more debates over the government’s handling of the Covid outbreak.

She continued: “Why has there been zero transparency? During Brexit (remember that?) there were nightly debates but with Covid.. nothing.

“People’s voices silenced if they dared ask any questions. NHS workers (I’ve spent 10 weeks amongst them) not allowed to speak out about ANYTHING,” the mum-of-two added.

Denise, who is now double vaccinated, said she wanted her freedom back.

“The NHS is in a mess. It has been for years and we are told that WE have to save it. We don’t. They have to save us,

“But the communication system within it is completely and utterly broken and that is the fault of the trust bosses. No one else. This has to stop. We need to be given our freedom back,” she fumed.

“I’ve had my 2 vaccinations and I will make my own decisions about the risks I take. They have no right to continue to control us and let football rule the f…..g world.

“I’m not a 5G, great reset believer. I believe it is total incompetence, fear, cover up and a desire not to lose these emergency powers they’ve been granted.

“I no longer want my life controlled by communist Susan Michie with her Fidel Castro shrine behind her!!! Im done,”(sic) she signed off.

Denise went on to share an additional update on her dad and a loving Father’s Day post in honour of him.

She said her father had been “alone in A&E” but has since been transferred back to his original hospital.

“Very frightening and disorientating to not be with a loved one. Believe me, most doctors and nurses agree,” she said.

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