Donald Trump (Kind Of) Finally Concedes That Joe Biden Won The Election, BUT…

Prepare yourselves for years more of this nonsense, because at this rate, Donald Trump is never going to go away.

The one-term President, whose service in office comes to an end at the end of January after President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in, can’t stop tweeting about how the 2020 election was “rigged” by the “fake news media.” And yet on Sunday morning, Trump finally made progress in one area: he finally admitted that Biden actually won!!! Well, sort of…

The Donald has been going at it on Twitter for hours now. That itself is not news, considering the President has pretty much used Twitter as a battering ram for the last four years on whatever point he wants to make at any time. But on Sunday morning, he changed tactics a bit, and then went overboard on accusations (without any evidence) that the election was rigged against him. Oh, brother.

It all started hours ago, very early in the morning on the east coast, when Trump reacted to a tweet from Fox News host Jesse Watters, who himself couldn’t figure out how Biden won. (Hint: Biden got about 5 million more votes than Trump!)

In response, Trump tweeted this gem, which as far as we can tell is the very first time he’s admitted (whether real or rigged) that Biden actually did win the election:

Still, it’s all nonsense.

But that didn’t stop him from backing it up again and again with two more insane tweets about conspiracy theories, rigged elections, and the fact that he still will never concede (below):

Ever the class act, this guy.

By now, of course, the tweets are goofy AF. But how he’s using them is becoming more and more clear: there’s nothing he can really realistically do to stop Biden from ascending to the Presidency in 2020 — short of an all-out coup, which would be truly insane, even for Trump… who is also too lazy and inept to succeed at something like that.

But long term, this sets the table for four years of Trump going on Fox News or whatever cable channel he’s more in love with (his own?) and griping about how he actually won the election, and it was stolen from him. And then, maybe, in 2024, he’ll run again on a full-blown conspiracy theory ticket claiming the world has it in for him, or something.

The point is, the only tool in Trump’s tool box is to complain to his rapidly dwindling base of sycophants and suckers, and losing this election gave him carte blanche to bitch and moan for the next four years.

Get ready, Perezcious readers. It’s going to be a LONG four years…

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