Duchess Meghan called in to congratulate her Hubb Community Kitchen friends

One of the most impressive things about the Duchess of Sussex is that her charitable partners in the UK are still happy to be associated with her, even though she hasn’t been to Isla de Saltines since early March 2020. While Meghan was forced to “give up” the royal patronages “given” to her by Buckingham Palace, she still maintains her associations with SmartWorks, Mayhew and, of course, the Grenfell women. When she first met the victims of the Grenfell fire, she saw an area where she could provide some assistance: the Hubb Community Kitchen, where the Grenfell community could cook together in a safe, accessible kitchen. Meghan organized the Together cookbook, which raised millions for Hubb. Meghan made a number of private and public visits with the Grenfell women, and even now that Meghan is in Montecito, she’s still keeping up with her friends:

The Duchess of Sussex has praised the “incredible” achievements of the women who created the Hubb community kitchen in west London following the Grenfell fire disaster. In a phone call from her California home on Wednesday, Meghan chatted to women gathered for a celebratory lunch at the Al-Manaar centre in north Kensington, not far from the tower.

In her call, she said: “We founded Hubb together and I think what I’m most proud of is what you’ve all been able to do, not just what we created to meet an immediate need right after the fire. If you go back to where it all began you just didn’t have a place to cook and people forget that’s what it came down to, needing the resources to do what you do so well — as we all know because we can taste it. But also to do it together and how…the cookbook ended up having the impact we wanted because it raised enough to get you all the help in the kitchen you needed.”

The duchess, who has made a series of visits to the community kitchen, added: “But beyond that, what you turned it into as a group and individually is incredible, you’ve just continued to take care of everyone in the community. If you think how many thousands of people have been affected by your recipes and by your love and what you’ve done to take care of frontline workers and families during Covid and children and after school groups and women in hospital and new mums…”

The luncheon was to mark the achievements of the women who have launched their own projects since the creation of the cookbook. The women continue to cook and provide for their community via varied projects and initiatives to benefit the homeless, refugees, women fleeing violence, families in need, new mothers, isolated and elderly women, frontline health workers and rehabilitated ex-offenders. The kitchen will remain open to the women for charitable purposes as they move forward with their own projects.

One of the Hubb volunteers, Chérine Mallah, told the Standard: “It was lovely to have our work celebrated by Meghan. We were really happy to hear from the duchess. It was just incredible. It really encourages us to continue in what we have been doing and makes us feel quite proud of the work we have done and the projects we have been running. It is quite impressive really to have the support from Meghan. For us, it is just our normal lives. It is massive for us. The next days of our lives are just the same but we know that someone as famous as Meghan is backing us. It is really lovely.”

[From The Evening Standard]

To think about what could have been, if only the bitter, nasty old farts had just let Meghan exist and thrive. There could have been a second cookbook. There could have been even more empowerment for the Grenfell survivors. Meghan could have helped them found even more charities and initiatives. All of this because Moose Knuckle and Wiglet were so jealous, they couldn’t even see straight.

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