Dwayne Johnson Calls Out Donald Trump in Powerful BLM Video: ‘Where Are You?’

The post gains him praises from fans and fellow celebrities, as Jack Black takes a jab at Trump in a comment that reads, ‘He’s a phony…grabbing photo ops…hiding in his bunker…shameful.’

AceShowbiz -Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to his Instagram account to question Donald Trump‘s credibility as the president of the United States amid protests across the country. Shared on Wednesday, June 3, the actor blasts POTUS for his absence amid the riots following the death of George Floyd.

“Where are you? Where is our leader?” the “The Fate of the Furious” actor asked. “Where is our leader at this time when our country is down on its knees, begging, pleading, hurt, angry, frustrated, in pain with its arms out, just wanting to be heard? begging, pleading and praying for a change?”

He continued, “Where is our compassionate leader who’s going to step up to our country who’s down on its knees, and extend a hand and say, ‘You stand up, stand up with me because I got you. I hear you, I’m listening to you. And you have my word that I’m going to do everything in my power, until my dying day, my last breath, to do everything I can to create the change that is needed, to normalize equality because Black lives matter.’ Where are you?”

“Of course, all lives matter, but in this moment right now, this defining, pivotal, explosive moment where our country is down on its knees…we must say the words: Black lives matter,” the star added.

In the video, Dwayne also urged everyone to contribute in the movement. “We must become the leaders we are looking for. I’ll ask it one more time: Where are you? Where is that compassionate leader who steps up and takes accountability for his country and all the people in our country? Where are you?” he questioned.

“I’ll tell you what, we’re here. Were all here. The process to change has already begun. You can feel it across our country. Change is happening. It’s going to take time. We’re going to get beat up. We’re going to take our lumps. There’s going to be blood, but the process of change has already begun,” he concluded.

The post gained him praises from fans and fellow celebrities. Jack Black was among those who commented underneath the post, taking a jab at Trump, “He’s a phony…grabbing photo ops…hiding in his bunker…shameful.”

Meanwhile, an impressed fan responded, “DJ – what beautiful and inspiring speech my friend. I’m so happy to see from the bottom of my heart that you have stepped up to the plate and taken charge. You are that leader you speak of. Inspire us, give us hope and purpose and help us find the voice of our nation. I know you to be the man for this challenge and I and everybody else is waiting for you to show us the way. Let’s start the healing and become one people and nation.”

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