Einstein Letter With 'E=mc2' Equation Sells for Over a Mil at Auction

A handwritten letter featuring Albert Einstein’s famous theory of special relativity has sold for a bundle at auction — fetching a 7-figure amount!!!

The one-page note was written by Einstein in 1946, and sent to fellow physicist Ludwik Silberstein … who’s said to have doubted AE’s theories. Translated from German, the part about kinetic energy reads, “Your question can be answered from the E = mc2 formula, without any erudition.” Reports say this is the 4th time Albert had mentioned the theory on paper, and it’s supposedly the only one made available through a private collection.

It was put up for grabs last week by Boston-based auction house, RR Auction, which says it eventually sold for a cool $1.2 million … this after an all-out bidding war between five parties that eventually become a two-horse race once it started creeping past the $700k mark.

On Thursday, the sale closed — with one bidder prevailing … but they’re staying anonymous, only being ID’d as a document collector. A rich one at that, too.

Of course, it’s an historic document — and it has one of the most important revelations in modern science … namely, that mass and energy are the same thing, and that time is relative. Time is also money, it seems … just ask the person who dropped over a mil for this!

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