Escape to the Chateau’s Angel on ‘challenging’ issue at home and need to ‘take time out’

Angel Adoree says wedding plans are on hold as they're a bit 'messy'

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Escape To The Chateau star Angel Strawbridge has opened up about a “really challenging” issue she faces at her family home in France. The wife of Dick Strawbridge, 44, candidly admitted struggling finding “balance” in her hectic life, before revealing she needed to “take time out”.

It has been really challenging for me

Angel Strawbridge

Dick and Angel moved their family into the Chateau de la Motte Husson in Pays de la Loire in 2015.

Since then the Chateau has opened its rooms to guests and become an in-demand wedding venue.

It’s understandable then that the couple have their hands full with their business, as well as taking care of their children, Dorothy and Arthur.

In a recent interview, Angel candidly spoke about the importance of finding balance between both work and family life.

The star said: “It’s nice to work, but it’s all about finding that balance within your life.”

She admitted it had been tough to reach a balancing point, but added that it’s something they’ve found at last.

Angel explained: “It has been really challenging for me but I think we are getting there.

“Especially with weddings, events and school, there are always things to do.

“It’s about taking that time out,” she added to House Beautiful.

The family has had a busy year after returning to the UK for their Dare to do It! tour.

Following a busy first-half of the year, they announced they were taking a much-needed break.

Earlier this month, Dick and Angel took to Twitter to share a “big day” for their family.

The couple told their 86,500 followers how the end of this week marked a big day for their children as it marked the end of a school year as well as one of their projects being released.

They wrote: “It was a big day today for the Strawbridges…”

“The last day of school for Arthur & Dorothy and we are delighted to announce that our audio book & paperback of ‘Living the Chateau Dream’ are both out today!

“Hope you’re having a lovely evening!

“A&D Xxx” they signed off their tweet. while adding a link to their book.

Following Dick’s tweet, fans of the Channel 4 show took to the comments to express their excitement over the release.

@pansyblotch wrote: “Enjoy your holidays and waiting patiently for a new series of the Chateau #escapetothechateau.”

@MikeBobnick commented: “Thank you for the info!  I have both of your books, the 2nd signed by you and @angeladoree and now patiently awaiting Series 9.”

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