Everything You Need to Know About Gwyneth Paltrow's Stalkers

Hollywood’s heaviest hitters rely on their name recognitionto continue to succeed in the entertainment industry. After all, an entertainer’sstar power is directly linked to how recognizable they are to the general public.That doesn’t mean it’s always a good thing, though. While celebrities have oftenlamented about the loss of privacy that comes with stardom, there is a more severeproblem faced by many of today’s biggest stars – stalkers. GwynethPaltrow is among the most recognizable women in the world, and she’s hadmore than a few stalkers during her lengthy career. The details of those incidentsare downright disturbing.

Paltrow has been the object of a stalker’s affections for 20years

Back in 2017, an Ohio man was found not guilty of felonystalking charges levied against him. The stalker, Dante Soiu stood accused ofsending over 60 messages and gifts to Paltrow over six years, according to Oxygen.Court documents note that some of the packages contained pornographic material.While Soiu’s recent behavior is disturbing in and of itself, the entiresituation gets even creepier when you find out it isn’t the first time he’sbeen arrested for stalking the Avengers:Endgame actress.

Soiu was picked up for the same offense back in 2000. Duringthe early 2000s, Soiu allegedly sent a plethora of letters and gifts toPaltrow, several included sex toys. He was found not guilty in that case, too,but was ordered by a judge to undergo mentalhealth treatment. Soiu insisted that his recent stint of messages were merelymeant to inform Paltrow that he was still willing to marry her whenever she wasready.

A second order of protection was issued for Paltrow

Soiu isn’t the only stalker desperate for Paltrow’s affections.According toThe Blast a 35-year-old man was arrested for stalking several celebritiesin 2017; aside from Paltrow, the unnamed stalker is believed to have tried tocontact Kim Kardashian and IvankaTrump.

Paltrow was granted an order of protection against the manand stated that he had even gone so far as to attempt to gain contact with her childrenvia their school’s email system. Paltrow noted that she fears for her safety,as well as the safety of both Apple and Moses. Paltrow shares the two children withher ex-husband, ChrisMartin. The pair divorced in 2016. Apple Martin is 15. The former couple’syoungest child, Moses, is 13. Paltrow has since remarried.

Stalking is more common than you think

Obsessed fans are nothing new in Hollywood. Many stars have dealtwith them, and in some cases, it’s ended in absolute tragedy. ChristineGrimmie, a contestant on The Voice, was killed by an obsessed fanwhile signing autographs in 2016. In 1989, Rebecca Schaeffer was murdered by herstalker when he saw her in a movie that enraged him. DimebagDarrell and John Lennon were both killed by obsessed fans, too.  

Thankfully, tragic ends are not all that common, but therisk remains. Buzzfeednotes that the social media era is making the issue worse. Because stars areforced to give intimate glimpses into their lives, it’s easy for fans to pinpointtheir whereabouts. It is also easy for an unstable mind to craft a closeconnection in their minds that doesn’t exist. Those two points together cancreate a perfect storm, and several celebrities know all too well howterrifying the results actually are. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Beyonce hasbeen forced to take legal action against stalkers in recent years.

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