Graham Norton’s earning slashed by £1m – but chat show host still takes home fortune

Graham Norton’s earnings from his BBC chat show have been slashed by £1million after his show was axed during the pandemic.

The late night chat show host, who recently joined Gogglebox, was earning £3.24 million before the pandemic, but now takes home £2.1 million which is a huge drop from reports that said he earned up to £5 million from the show four years ago.

The accounts for the production company, So Television, revealed that the company revenue decreased by £3 million after the chat show was cancelled.

Since restrictions have lifted, The Graham Norton Show has resumed its spot on BBC One but interviews have been limited with some guests still appearing on video call.

So Television explained that they had to reduce the fees charged for the show in 2020 as the Friday night chat show had six less episodes in the 28th series.

Graham’s salary increased drastically in 2019 with a boost of £230,000, but it has decreased incrementally since 2017 when the production company revealed the presenter was paid £5.19 million.

At the time, Graham also had an additional salary from the BBC and was paid £630,000 on top of that figure.

However, the global lockdown impacted the long-running show as it was impossible for guest to come into the studio.

The BBC adapted the content to take on the form of zoom interviews with Graham appearing in a smaller version of his own studio to chat with his star-studded line up individually.

The report said: “The Graham Norton Show adapted its content and length during the Covid 19 restrictions, this meant we had to discount our existing distribution deals.

“There was a £1.5 million decrease in distribution revenue year on year due to less episodes of The Graham Norton Show and having to discount any content which was produced during Covid-19.”

This salary is only for Graham’s work on his chat show. Reports suggest the 58 year old is paid £1 million for his Virgin Radio show, which is considerably more than his salary in 2019 from BBC radio and Eurovision Song Contest of £730,000.

The presenter is also an author who has penned three books to date and has launched his own wine business. Graham has also delighted fans by joining Celebrity Gogglebox with Michelle Visage.

Overall, So Television reported a drop in their revenue in 2020 due to the pandemic. The accounts revealed that their revenue fell from £14.4 million to £11.4 million.

In spite of this, the company still made a profit of £2.4 million which was an increase of £75,000 from 2019.

The Graham Norton Show followed the same trajectory as it dropped from making £10.5 million in the UK and £3.9 million selling around the world to £9 million in the UK and £2.4 million globally.

The star has previously said that he disapproves of the BBC salaries being published, when channels such as ITV do not.

He said: “That’s what’s odd about this situation, for the top 20 of us at the BBC. For some reason MPs want to know what famous people at the BBC earn.

“If they could get ITV to tell them what Phillip Schofield gets, they’d love to know.

"Also, I have to say, what would really shock the public is to discover the disparity between ITV and BBC. People would go, ‘Wow!’”

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