Halsey Says They 'Got Treated Like A Teen Mom' During Pregnancy

Halsey is opening up about their difficult pregnancy journey!

Not difficult so much as far as actually welcoming their first child — a beautiful baby named Ender, with boyfriend Alev Aydin — but more so difficult in the sense of going through some serious feelings of shame when it came to dealing with other people during pregnancy!

Oh, no!

Speaking to Zane Lowe on the New Music Daily show for Apple Music 1, the Bad At Love singer got very candid about how they feel they were treated by strangers and others while carrying their baby to term.

Though they readily admit they are already 26 years old, it didn’t always feel like it, as Halsey explained:

“I’m 26, and I tried very hard for this pregnancy and it was like, I’m financially independent, I’m pretty far along in my career, it feels like the right time for me to do it. And I got treated like a teen mom a lot of the times. Where people were like, ‘Oh my God, you’re so young, and you have so much to do in your career, and you’re not married and you’re this.’ And it triggered all of these feelings of shame from when I was younger. It triggered a lot of old feelings of shame in me where I was like, how can you have an opinion, that kind of opinion on me making this decision?”


And they continued from there, admitting that the “flip side” of that conversation had to do with going the other way — releasing a bunch of albums, putting in a lot of work, and then dealing with s**tty comments from outsiders who feel as though they missed their shot at a family and should’ve done things differently.

Halsey explained:

“But the flip side is that if I don’t and I wait until I’m in my ’30s and I do SNL for the sixth time and have my 7th No. 1 album and whatever. I’d do the same stuff over and over and over again. But then, there’s also, ‘She worked too hard, she never had a family. She’s going to die alone. She was too obsessed with work, she never found someone. It’s a shame she’s not going to have any kids, her career’s not going to hold her at night.’ OK. So nothing. So f**k ’em and I just was like, I’m going to do what I want to do. You know what I mean? I was like, this is important to me.”

Amen! The double standard is real, sadly, and mothers are too often judged for things both ways, regardless of what they choose to do!

The Graveyard singer — whose new album, If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power just dropped this week, too — also opened up about avoiding social media during their pregnancy, explaining:

“I had to make a choice, especially in my pregnancy, where the girl who’s been the open book for six years, this had to be mine. I was not going to put myself . The consequences were too high. The consequences of letting social media stress me out or cause me grief. It’s no longer just me being affected by it. There’s a whole other person whose nervous system is being affected by the status of mine. So I had to kind of make that choice.”


Thankfully, it’s not all a choice between two bad decisions for the pop superstar. For one, their partner Alev Aydin has apparently made things a lot better through pregnancy and now into parenting, as the New Jersey-born Without Me singer optimistically revealed:

“I love my partner, our relationship is so full of love and passion and communication. I remember having that moment when I was probably five or six weeks pregnant and being like, so what happens now? Do I have to be boring? So many of the things that I self identify with are not compatible with motherhood. Well, that’s when you realize too, that’s when you take a step and you go, oh, I’m holding onto my trauma because it’s part of how I define myself and I’m never really going to grow unless I really let go of that trauma.”

Well said!

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