HBO Star and YouTuber Andrew Callaghan ‘Devastated’ After Being Hit With Sexual Misconduct Claims

The star of HBO’s new documentary ‘This Place Rules’ also vows to be better with balanced communication and to improve himself after being accused by a woman named Caroline Elise of sexual assault.

AceShowbizAndrew Callaghan has finally issued a response to sexual misconduct claims. The “All Gas No Brakes” host and star of HBO’s new documentary “This Place Rules” said that he’s “devastated” after being hit with the shocking claims.

A spokesperson for the YouTube star told TMZ, “Andrew is devastated that he is being accused of any type of physical or mental coercion against anyone.” The legal rep continued, “Conversations about pressure and consent are extremely important and Andrew wants to have these conversations, so he can continue to learn and grow.”

“While every dynamic is open to interpretation and proper communication is critical from all those involved, repeated requests for money should not be part of these conversations,” the rep further explained. The spokesperson then said that Andrew vows to be better with balanced communication and improve himself and wants to remind his audience that “while even one concerned partner is too many, there are always multiple sides to a story.”

A source with direct knowledge told the outlet that the accuser, Caroline Elise, requested money from Andrew, referencing the “fat check” he got from HBO for his documentary. She allegedly asked to be paid just minutes before the doc aired. However, Andrew didn’t pay up, and Caroline uploaded a TikTok video a few days later, urging other victims to come forward.

In the said clip, Caroline said, “I don’t like seeing abusers get platforms and my abuser, Andrew Callaghan, has been plastered all over my news feed and I’ve tried to come to him person to person and try to get him to take accountability for what he did.”

Caroline continued, “But his version of what happened the night that he assaulted me is so skewed. So, I will tell you that he did eventually get consent and that’s the main point is that he eventually got consent because he wore me down.”

Caroline went on recalling the night when the alleged incident happened, saying that Andrew first told her “he needed a place to stay for the night” after having “some sort of falling out with one of his crew members.”

“He gets in my bed and wears me down to the point where I eventually do agree to do things that I wasn’t proud of,” Caroline shared, “I wasn’t proud of them and thought it was my fault for so long that I continued to be nice to him after the situation.” She also said that Andrew got her “really drunk that night” and “wouldn’t leave” her house the next morning.

“I hope people listen to me,” Caroline added after defending her decision to speak up. “I hope that if something similar has happened to you that you know that’s not your fault. It wasn’t my fault what happened to me just because I eventually caved.”

Near the end of the video, Caroline told the viewers, “I was really hoping that he would eventually take accountability but he just texted me this skewed version of what he thought had happened and in that moment it wasn’t fight or flight. It was freeze.” She stressed, “I froze and I couldn’t control my body anymore,” before concluding, “You should stop supporting Andrew Callaghan.”

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