‘He’s so posh!’ Richard Osman talks differences and ‘winding up’ Alexander Armstrong

Richard Osman jokes about having sex with Alexander Armstrong

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Richard Osman, 50, and Alexander Armstrong, 51, have been pals for years and know each other pretty well. Due to their closeness, Richard’s not afraid to wind up his Pointless co-host, admitting it’s easy to do so as he’s a lot “posher” and “cleverer” that him.

You can almost endlessly wind him up, which is great

Richard Osman

In a recent interview, the TV star opened up about his long-term friendship with the singer, who he teamed up with to host the hit BBC game show in 2009.

“I love Xander to bits but he’s so posh!” he laughed.

“You can almost endlessly wind him up, which is great.”

He went on to reveal to Metro.co.uk how the pair met: “I’ve known him a long time – 20 years, since Cambridge.

“I did sociology and politics there. He did English because he’s a bit cleverer than me.”

While Richard confessed he’s not impartial to teasing his on-screen partner, he previously spoke out to defend his co-host’s “privileged background” during a discussion about wealth in the world of TV.

“Xander is very aware of the privilege he had,” Richard explained to Radio Times.

“He’s a completely decent human being and he’s been nothing but kind to me.

He continued: “If ever there’s trouble, Xander is there for me. He will have my friendship and respect until my dying day.”

Earlier this year, Alexander revealed he feared “pushing” their friendship a little too far.

It comes after he was quizzed on whether he and Richard would like to collaborate on other shows alongside Pointless.

The actor divulged in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk: “I’d love to. I think in time we probably will.”

However, he also detailed his reservations.

Alexander admitted: “I wouldn’t want Richard to get bored of me.

“We spend a lot of the year together and the nice thing is, we, genuinely, in nearly 12 years of Pointless, we have never had a cross word with each other.

“I dare say we spend an awful lot of time in each other’s company, it’s very intensive, quite high pressured work.”

He continued: “The turn arounds are very quick and there are quite a lot of demands on us, we’ve got to be on the balls of our feet, and yet we don’t rub each other up the wrong way, we get on perfectly well.

“So the only thing I’d be scared of if we spend all of the year together, if we had some other project when Pointless wasn’t filming, two things would worry me.”

The star explained: “One, is that we might get bored of each other, which we haven’t yet, so I don’t want to push it.

“And the second thing is, it might prevent Richard from writing more books and that would be a terrible thing.”

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