Homes Under The Hammer presenter pleads for ‘urgent help’ in surprising Twitter post

Dion Dublin, 50, seemed desperate for information on the odd subject of glass balustrades as he admitted he was searching for the item on Twitter. The home decor feature is often used as fencing for balconies and terraces. The Homes Under The Hammer presenter appeared to be struggling to track the balustrades down and revealed he needed them “as soon as possible”. Dion wrote in view of his 211,000 followers: “This is a long shot I know, BUT… does anyone know of a company that do ‘Glass Balustrades for indoor gallery landing, staircase and outdoor balconies?’

This is a long shot I know.

Dion Dublin

“PLEASE! I’m in the Cheshire area and I need any info ASAP PLEASE! #URGENT Thanks again!”

Following the TV personality’s “urgent” request, he was inundated with responses from fans who were ready to help him in his plight.

One person wondered: “Maybe it’s for a Homes Under The Hammer house.”

Another added: “I know an excellent and reliable company Dion, send me a private message and I will send you the contact details.”

However, others took the opportunity to share witty responses to Dion’s enquiry.

Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark cheekily wrote back: “Glass Balustrades… Someone’s doing well.”

A fan then sarcastically commented: “I’ve got a good website that knows all about this sort of stuff”

In spite of the mischievous replies, the property expert seemed to have found what he was looking for as he thanked fans for their help in a follow up tweet.

He said: “Thanks for all ya help and replies people, it’s appreciated!”(sic)

Elsewhere, former Homes Under The Hammer star Lucy Alexander, 48, hit back at criticism while getting involved in a debate over disabilities.

The presenter, who regularly speaks out about her 17-year-old daughter Kitty’s disability, took to Twitter to address the news blue badge parking permits had been extended to people with hidden disabilities.

“I would like to see some ‘dedicated’ bays purely for wheelchair users though?” she told her 26,000 followers. 

“Some need to have space beside the car for their chair if paralysed like my daughter? There is NEVER enough blue base spaces… don’t get me started,” Lucy insisted.

However, one Twitter criticised her response to the news, replying: “Are you actually annoyed about this? My son has severe autism and has to be helped in and out of his car.

“He also needed a special needs pram at one stage and they are huge like wheelchairs. He also has no awareness of danger or even what  car could do to him,” they added.

After spotting the tweet, Lucy clarified her views on the subject, replying: “I’m actually really pleased BUT would like designated wheelchair user bays for people who cannot walk,

“She [Kitty] can ONLY park in a wife disabled bay due to getting out her wheelchair, building it next to her then transferring into it.”

Homes Under The Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBC One.

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