Howard Stern, Former ‘AGT’ Judge, Blasts Simon Cowell For Firing Gabrielle Union

Former America’s Got Talent judge Howard Stern is calling out the creator of the show, Simon Cowell, who is also a judge, for the treatment of Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough. Both Gabrielle and Julianne will not be returning to the show after a short stint as judges.

Fans were shocked to hear the women would not be back, and then a report came out detailing the toxic culture that Gabrielle allegedly faced on the set of the show.

On his SiriusXM show, Howard went off.

“How is it that that freak Simon Cowell has orchestrated this?” Howard asked rhetorically, before answering, “He has set it up that the men stay no matter how old they are, no matter how fat they are, no matter how ugly they are, no matter talentless they are. But what he manages to do on all his shows is he constantly replaces the hot chicks with hotter chicks and younger chicks. Which is so obvious.”

Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks and Mel B have all left the show in recent years, while Simon and Howie Mandel have both stayed on as judges.

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