Ice Cube ‘In No Mood’ For ‘Good Morning America’ Appearance

Following the death of George Floyd in police custody, Ice Cube turned down an invitation to appear on “Good Morning America.”

The scheduled subjects of discussion on GMA included the rapper’s Big 3 league, musical legacy, and the state of American society.

But he said on social media that he is not in a mood to discuss these things as “America has failed us.”

“I apologize to everyone expecting to see me on Good Morning America today, but after the events in Minnesota with George Floyd I’m in no mood to tell America, good morning,” he said on Twitter Thursday morning.

“The F.B.I. knows exactly who the racist are in each police department and still let them keep their jobs until something like this happens,” he added. “Stop sitting on critical information. Weed them out and get them out now.”

He also posted a photo of him holding an ax along with it.

Ice Cube’s act of protest was triggered by the video of a Minnesota cop kneeling on Floyd’s neck going viral.

Meanwhile, a man was shot to death as violent protests erupted in Minneapolis for a second straight night Wednesday over the death of Floyd.

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