Isabel Roloff Taunts Her Haters: Nice Try! But You Can’t Bring Me Down!

Isabel Roloff is still standing.

More than that, actually.

Isabel Roloff is still standing…. and (metaphorically) kicking… and fighting back against all the hate that has come her way.

Sadly for the former Little People, Big World star? There’s been a great deal of hate that has come her way over the years, too.

The wife of Jacob Roloff, Isabel mostly tries to stay out of the news.

She and her husband (and their dogs) spend most days driving around the Pacific Northwest, enjoying the scenery and sort of living off the land.

On occasion, however, Isabel gets dragged into the spotlight — through no fault of her own, really.

The 23-year old often shares candid posts about her mental health, opening up to followers about her past struggles with an eating disorder, depression and general anxiety. 

We’ve often showered Roloff with praise for doing her part to help others; to let anyone else who can relate to these issues know that they aren’t alone.

And yet:

The Internet can be a terrible place.

And not everyone out there has been as kind or as generous when responding to Isabel’s admissions.

In a personal note on her Instagram Story, this week, Roloff acknowledged the haters.

But she also did her best to put them in their place.

“To be honest, every single time I share on here, I think to myself, ‘That is so embarrassing, why would I share that?’” she wrote, continuing as follows:

“I think it has something to do with opening my messages and there being nasty messages every time but also being called an over sharer for years.”

So then… why keep doing this?

Why would Isabel choose to continually be an open book, if it only leads to critiques from total strangers?

Largely, she explains, because she wants these people to know they have no actual control over her.

They can spew their venom, and she’ll just go on being herself.

“I want to be empowered in what I share,” Roloff concluded.

“Knowing that while maybe not everyone will understand it, the right ones will.

“And that should be enough for me.”

This isn’t the first time Isabel has sent a message to her haters.

Recently, some losers out there gave Isabel guff for being bigger than her husband.

“Maybe I have been doing myself a disservice all along,” she responded, taking the perfect approach.

“Maybe it’s time I stop hiding here to appear smaller, because in the end that is MUCH deeper than my body size.

“So here’s a photo of me, at an angle I don’t find particularly flattering, laughing so hard you can see my double chin which appears every time I laugh.

“Because joy over perfection is what really matters to me more anyway.”

Well said, Isabel Roloff.

As always, so very well said.

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