James Argent insists he’s ‘perfectly fine’ amid claims Gemma Collins called 999 because of overdose fears

James Argent has spoken out after on-off girlfriend Gemma Collins reportedly called 999 amid fears he had overdosed.

The former TOWIE star is said to have been assessed by paramedics amid fears he had “collapsed” at his £1.3million home, with reports claiming his parents were unable to get into the house where he lives alone.

James, 31, has now addressed the incident, saying he feels “slightly embarrassed”.

He told The Sun on Sunday: "I wasn't speaking to a certain person so I didn't reply.

"They became concerned and called the police and ambulance.

"They turned up and checked on me. They came up to my room to make sure I was fine."

Arg then added: "My parents were already there. Then this person must have called again and the ambulance turned up at around 4pm and we had a quick chat on the doorstep. He said it was a lovely house."

Arg said he was "perfectly fine" and carried on with his day as normal.

He added: "I'm slightly embarrassed really. I apologise for any wasted police time as I was absolutely fine."

His words come after police confirmed that they had attended the scene to calls of concerns for the welfare of a male occupant.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called at 13.11hrs to a residential address following concerns for the welfare of male occupant. Officers attended with LAS. The male, in his 30s, was spoken to. He was left in the company of family.

“Officers were called at 16.21hrs to the same address, again due to concerns for the same male’s welfare. The male declined assistance.”

It’s believed that Gemma raised the alarm after becoming concerned for her on-off boyfriend, who has previously been to rehab for drinking and depression.

A source claimed: “James’ friends are beyond worried. Their concern is that if this behaviour keeps on happening that one day soon they will go around to find him dead.

“He has become more and more reclusive and his loved ones are worried about what is going on behind closed doors, away from watchful eyes.

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“Gemma raised the alarm because after hearing from his mum and dad she thought the worst. When paramedics turned up and couldn’t get in everyone was beside themselves.

“It took the quick thinking of police to smash through the glass panel on his front door to undo the bolt and get in. Arg needs a wake-up call and hopefully this will be it.”

Friends of the reality TV star are now said to be concerned for him.

The insider continued: “Arg goes missing for days on end. He is clearly overdoing it then no one can raise him for hours.

“He then comes around as if nothing has happened. But this time it sounds like it almost went too far. He lives two minutes from his parents in a mansion and yet is still behaving like a tearaway teen. Arg is a lovely bloke but needs to address his problems.”

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